Friday, September 28, 2012

Brennan's first email


It is too bad that you couldn't send me an email but there is always next P-day :) I got the care package thank you for that :). I am scheduled to leave the MTC approximately October 11th and I am really looking forward to that.

Our roomate woke us up like ten minutes before we set our alarm to wake up for dinner..boy were me and elder jenkins frustrated.

Please make sure to forward some emails to the Excell's and make sure that Riley gets my Email.

I see Anthony almost everyday just so you know he seems to be doing really well and he likes the food here alot.

I already mentioned this once but try and watch Elder Bednar's talk about Recognizing the spirit it is really really good you will all like it and probably remember it.

I like played soccer except there are some Elders that have played that their whole life here so I am not very skilled will ball handling compared to them.

Well email me soon I will answer questions if I can!

Love Elder Bell


  1. Love this;) so short but sweet. Miss him;) hey can you let me know his email address? I will email more often than write letters. Is that ok? Thanks! Love you all;) glad you set thus up;)

    1. I have several people ask for Brennan's email so I thought it best to let everyone know that Brennan said he is only supposed to give his email to grandparents and parents. He also said that he prefers receiving mail so that he has time read it and write back. I don't know if this will change once he gets to the DR or not. You are so great to support him and we appreciate you all so much.