Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1st week in Capital, Santo Domingo

So mom I started writing a response to questions from Cassidy's email and it was much longer than I thought. However I thought you would like it to so I sent it to you and dad.

A few other things I wanted to say I like the challenge you and Bay are doing you have a lot of support that way.

 I like the fact that the only scripture we can bring into the celestial room is our patriarchal blessing. Our own book of scriptures with promises and counsel from the Lord. I have to comment I think it is super funny how happy people get about there phones especially like the new galaxy or an Iphone.. I am not talking to you exclusively when I say that, but I have just have so many experiences with that in the mission ..it is ridiculous ha. I hope I never go back to how I was with the phone again texting was a waste of time.

Anyways I love you a whole bunch I appreciate you so much for writing me faithfully you are the only one who has never missed a week keep on working keep on smiling the time with keep flying :) Love yu

1/28/2014 Cassidy's email:)

80 hours? ouch... ha Cassidy think about it I only have seventy hours a week of proseliting time plus ten hours of scripture study.. you are working more hours than me.... please don't burn yourself out..
.Being Zone leader is cool mostly because I can do exchanges every week and get to know other Elders... what I don't like as much is that I get to work less time in my area I am usually gone on day from it a week to another..The rewarding and at times tiring part is I feel like I always have to be happy so I can help other Elders and Sisters be happy it is hard to lift someone's spirit if we ourselves. So being happy and energetic I feel is basically mandatory and I will admit the mission is more enjoyable that way, but also I come home really tired.
Well we had a nice dominos activity that the relief society hosted this last weekend which was really nice since I haven't been to an activity in the mission that I didn't have to help organize until that. The ward and bishop here have a ward plan too so that is very encouraging.
Today I had the best papaya smoothie. I think that is my favorite smoothie that there is.
Disappointing moment of the week was when the two investigators we had committed to go to church said they would go with us to church and fifteen minutes later after walking to their house they decided they don't want to go.
 Elder Miranda is a cool Elder really nerdy, but so am I haha I told him a cheesy joke that we said alot in the states where one muffin says to another in the oven that it is hot and then the other one freaks out and screams Wow! a talking muffin! Needless to say he thought it was the funniest thing in the world  and has been telling that same joke to everyone we know
The moments when I feel most loved are usually after I get rejected at someones doorstep or someone makes fun of me, because I know I am doing this shoulder to shoulder with all the other missionaries in the world including the Apostles and Prophet and We all have to feel a little tiny itty bitty portion of what Jesus Christ felt His Throne and his bitter cup are inextricably linked if we want to be at  the right hand of his throne our portion of the bitter cup will be there too. I also feel immensely blessed in my scripture study it reminds me who I am and gives me hope to go out and work hard because this is my place in the kingdom of God right now. I really like Ether 12:4 latley. Love you!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/20/2014 New area Espaillat

That is too bad that you are so with the cold... no fun...That is awesome that he did so well sounds like he is enjoying it. I bet he will get a chance for revenge at the Red Halverson..

I am in an area called Espaillat right in the middle of everything so it is really crazy plus I am figuring things out with being a Zone leader.They changed me without being a district leader first so I have to learn what my focuses are in this position. My companio is Elder Miranda he is from Bogota Columbia and he works hard so I have nothing to complain about. It has been a little difficult coming into a new area and both being new be we are enjoying it. I have been starting the Book of mormon again and I am still really liking 1 naphi 19:9, 10, and 11, and 12. Especially twelve the BoM is an amazing testiomony of our savior. I feel really old because yesterday I reached the 16 month mark. I really want to work hard now. I worry that I will have regrets for moments I didnt take advantage of. I can really notice I have changed alot my desires and things that make me happy and everything. I am working hard and I love it. Lots of less actives to help and other things to repair haha. I feel like I get put in to start up and area and then they yank me out everytime. I haven't had a lot of baptisms, but I still feel successful and happy I have noticed personal growth and I understand the scriptures better and I am understanding how to pray and trust and be happy doing the Lords will.

 I pray for you all. I am not homesick at all but I do miss you and think of each of you. I am so glad I can share my testimony with you and hope that it strengthens you each. Love, Elder Bell

Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/2014 Transfer to Santo Domingo Zone

I got pulled out of my area and it is going to be hard as heck to leave tomorrow..but I can't really change that decision. I will go where I need to go. Now I will be right where all the action is in the capital. My zone is called Santo Domingo.

 I was so happy to see all the young men there early yesterday with white shirts and ties it was a huge blessing and the spirit was there really strong too. Because they were prepared and did what they were supposed to do. The cool thing is they didn't even now that it was my last Sunday so I know they didn't do it just for me. When the Branch President announced that I was leaving it was a very emotional chapel... I felt so blessed when I got to share my testimony with them for the last time. I know I did what I needed to do while I was here and don't regret anything. I have made some friends that I will never forget.

 I am starting the Book of  Mormon over again and I am going to study and I want to focus on looking for refences to the atonement. I have read 11 nefi 19:9-12 alot lately and it has a whole lot of important information in it it helps me to be more reverent towards the atonement.

 So I leave this area tomorrow in the morning  I am really sad I have to leave elder Castro and Tirado they are awesome. Cole Weir has got to be getting home in a week or so right? give him a hug from me. I don't have a whole lot more to say right now I love you all have a great week! Love, Elder Bell

Elder Tirado

Our fridge now works but we have to clean the fungus out!

Our neighborhood basketball courts

Zone Conference

Transfers - How many people can we squish into a van?

Eating Coco Puffs for the first time in 15 months! Yes!

Getting a Shoe Shine

Elder Tirando from Mexico, Castro from Peru and Elder Diaz from Guatemala

All the YM came on time and in white shirts! Success!

Monday, January 6, 2014


That Dear Elder still hasn't got here about Andre and Zack. I am so glad they are ok, however, that really is devastating. Those are the kinds of things only the grace of the atonement can help us overcome completely.

Well for the first time I think we have a real baptismal date that could really follow through the 25th of this month. Hopefully Royer puts in the effort to receive a testimony of these things. The Peruvian that is brand new in our house is really funny, but I don't think he realizes it he follows me around everywhere trying to get me to teach him english every single moment that we are in the house together. And he sings just about every eighties and ninties rock song you could ever think of the only problem is he has absolutely no idea what the words he is saying means.

The sister in the church I was telling you about that kind of bugs me with thinking she can boss us around like here own children and stuff did something really cool fast Sunday. She stood up and thanked us for helping her be excited about the book of mormon and bore a very spiritual testimony. I was super happy to see that because I have been super stubborn about members here not reading the BoM andwe have tried very hard to help them to at least read it for the first time. She has read the first 13 chapters now and most of them she has read at least twice to try and remember them better. That was a great blessing last week.

 I Served with Elder Braden Coleman in the islands. He is pretty awesome ha. I got some good news from aruba today that someone we found about five months ago is getting baptized on the twenty fifth I am excited it is an awesome young man I hope he serves a mission he is 18 right now. Next week the transfer ends I plan on staying with Elder Diaz one more transfer at least and in the area at least three more months. It is interesting because the area is very very small and it is sometimes hard to find something that is effective and that my companion wants to do.

 I am going to try and work harder to exercise in the morning it gets boring sometimes not being able to go out and run is all. Speaking of Elder Thornock I found a thumb drive that has a ton of his pictures on it yesterday so I need to write him and get that to him. I was looking at the younger missionaries shirts today and I realized their shirts are a lot whiter than my shirts.. I didn't realize I was that old haha. Well love you mom thank you for always taking the time to write me! tell the family I love them!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year! 12/30/2013

Today went well we got up early and went to the capital again and the mission doctor operated on my comp and basicaly surgically removed an abscess that he has on his stomach we didn't go out and preach at all last week so hopefully now we can.

Wow I really enjoyed talking with you all so much it was an amazing experience. However I am so excited to continue working in Los Llanos even though right now I am in the mission ofice we will be staying in the capital tonight so my companion can recover some more before the long bus ride.

Make sure and tell dad that I am not trunky  I am going to save that for the plane ride home ha I am so happy to be here and really adapted to being one my own..well for the most part at least, I guess I do always have a companion.

Yesterday we had a great lesson with the young men they paid alot of attention because young women from the USA were visiting..if only they could behave themselves when it is just them we could learn so much together and really see progress in the branch. We read the Article title I will never forget it I think it is the first message in the youth section in the Ensign. Sorry that the whole mission I have being calling the Ensign the Liahonna I forgot that the spanish titile is different, however I do think that the Liahonna is a cooler name for it.

Sounds like you all had a blast at the talent show and everything. Actually I am three hours ahead of your time here until you have day light savings time. I can't belive that Brea is so much taller, that is going to shock me when I return. I will pracitice singing more for the branch by the way it is just that I don't like my singing voice now because it is more of a baratone/bass....I liked tenor more...oh well.

 The party does not exist in my area thank goodness or else my companion might want to go and I would have to leave with him hahaha now he is trunky. It is sad how I have seen how missionaries that now they should or could be working harder do whatever they can to distract themselves. Our mission rules are made to help us from getting distracted so right away we can see how important it is that we shouldn't lose focus. I hope I can be able to remember how important it is to focus on the task at hand whatever it may be it is of no value for us to not put !00% of us into what we choose to do every moment. I Love you all a bunch. I am praying for you! Love, Elder Brennan Bell