Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year! 12/30/2013

Today went well we got up early and went to the capital again and the mission doctor operated on my comp and basicaly surgically removed an abscess that he has on his stomach we didn't go out and preach at all last week so hopefully now we can.

Wow I really enjoyed talking with you all so much it was an amazing experience. However I am so excited to continue working in Los Llanos even though right now I am in the mission ofice we will be staying in the capital tonight so my companion can recover some more before the long bus ride.

Make sure and tell dad that I am not trunky  I am going to save that for the plane ride home ha I am so happy to be here and really adapted to being one my own..well for the most part at least, I guess I do always have a companion.

Yesterday we had a great lesson with the young men they paid alot of attention because young women from the USA were visiting..if only they could behave themselves when it is just them we could learn so much together and really see progress in the branch. We read the Article title I will never forget it I think it is the first message in the youth section in the Ensign. Sorry that the whole mission I have being calling the Ensign the Liahonna I forgot that the spanish titile is different, however I do think that the Liahonna is a cooler name for it.

Sounds like you all had a blast at the talent show and everything. Actually I am three hours ahead of your time here until you have day light savings time. I can't belive that Brea is so much taller, that is going to shock me when I return. I will pracitice singing more for the branch by the way it is just that I don't like my singing voice now because it is more of a baratone/bass....I liked tenor more...oh well.

 The party does not exist in my area thank goodness or else my companion might want to go and I would have to leave with him hahaha now he is trunky. It is sad how I have seen how missionaries that now they should or could be working harder do whatever they can to distract themselves. Our mission rules are made to help us from getting distracted so right away we can see how important it is that we shouldn't lose focus. I hope I can be able to remember how important it is to focus on the task at hand whatever it may be it is of no value for us to not put !00% of us into what we choose to do every moment. I Love you all a bunch. I am praying for you! Love, Elder Brennan Bell

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