Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

 The thing about Wednesday is that I should be getting on when it is about one a clock for you I hope there is internet so be able to do it if not I will have to call you or something and do it another day. The problem is there are not a whole lot of options of places to go so if there is no internet I am kind of done for. We were going to do it from the church, but that is not looking good because there hasn't been web access for a week now.

 Also, I have learned why the bishopric in each word dreads tithing settlement now. I am still scrambling to get stuff done and the internet situation is not making it easier.

 I was reading President Packard's talk from last conference and really enjoyed the experience he once had with a seventy that if there are any kinds of problem in a branch or ward the leaders should get them to read the scriptures. President Packard responeded"what scriptures?" and the seventy responded anywhere in the scriptures if the members are reading the problems that are in the ward will fix themselves because they are constantly receiving personal revelation from God who is the only being that will always know what we need. I have seen that happen for me as a missionary the help and direction I receive for the scriptures is incredible and always can be applied to me personally if I am trying to identify the1. Doctrine, 2. The principle, 3. and the Application. Looking for those things is what helps me to not get bored or tired and to always continue growing spiritually it is something I learned from when Elder Bednar spoke in the MTC. As I study, I have also noticed that during the day I don't get down on myself or discouraged if things don't go as planned or when I make mistakes. Because I know that I have already learned an eternal truth that day that I will carry with me through the eternities and that is the kind of success I need in this life to let the Spirit have a bigger impact on me and allow me to be of use to others and most importantly to the Lord.

This week had a lot of different challenges.. don't worry I wrote them in my journal so we will talk about it in the future haha. I have been feeling really grateful lately for the huge blessing that being a missionary has been for me, but aso I have noticed a whole lot of things I could be doing better too, which is good if I didn't have things to mejorar I would definately get bored and depressed. I love you a whole bunch and will see you on wednesday! Love Elder Bell
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Dec 16 at 3:41 PM
I had to take out some money to help my comp buy glasses so that his headaches would stop so that is what happened there. He payed me back already so it is all good and we are working hard.  
We don't have water problems that often, but it happens haha showering in the rain is better anyways. I am really in need of a haircut right now...
Tell grandma and grandpa thanks for the money I bought new tennis shoes with it.  
We are four Elders in a branch the newest of us is from Peru and acts a whole lot like Elder Huanca it is weird to see how elder Huanca probably was when he started the mission.  But this missionary is tiny and always constantly asking me questions which really makes things interesting. This place is the biggest pit of temptation there is for some missonaries it really surprises me sometimes... maybe that is how it is in all the missions I don't know.
So I am excited for Christmas. I plan on making more cookies this Sunday for the branch members. Lots of cookies like a gift for Christmas.. It still feels weird pulling a sister missionary move like that but whatever. Well I was going to send pics this week, but I took the wrong computer. sounds like you are all having fun I hope everything keeps going well at Home I love you tons! Elder Bell

Yeah that is awesome that you sent me those videos haha he still wrestles different than I ever did, but it sure looks like he is tearing it up so that is cool. Ahhh so my companion is really starting to come alive as a result of his buddy leaving I think . He talks to me now and everything and is really putting forth effort to work this last week was a whole lot better.

 I am really trying to work on my personal prayers I find that something that is often missing is trying to ask questions that actually matter to me to be able to spill out the desires of my heart before God I have recognized that  all of the prayers of great significance in my life I have really asked questions after expressing gratitude, but not just a question and then keep going but actually trying to describe what I feel and the Spirit often guides me in that. Love you dad tell britt I am gonna train for a month when I get back and then it is on! ;) have a good week!

Monday, December 9, 2013


Well this week was a little boring my companion has had headaches so we haven't left the house  since tuesday. Except for the fact that we went and played soccer for six hours today so I really don't understand his headaches. I guess we are going to the capital to buy him glasses on wednesday I think and supposedly that will help him.
I gave the packages to the other three elders in our apartment and they were really excited and told me to thank you very much. The two new missionaries  in our branch are Elder Tirado from chiwawua, Mexico and Elder Castro who started here in this area and he is from Lima, Peru.
 I have been using my card more latley mostly for stuff like a soccer ball, dominos... and I will be buying new work out shoes because the others are dying ha :) could you do me a favor and let me know how much money there is in my account?
 I made the the chocolate cookies form the cake mix and after eating some took the rest to some families in our branch... I felt so much like a sister missionary haha they always do stuff like that..but they do seem to have a lot of success so we will see if it worked for me. If not I will just have to make more cookies.
So, wrestling has been going for at least two week now and I am pretty sure there was a tournament last weekend and they have dueled probably twice... tell dad and brittan they deserve a boche ( dad should get that I don't know if it is dominican) if not it means to chew them out. and I want to know what is going on at least a little bit please :)
 If you could send me the skype information of the skype I am using and not you guys I will be ready I should be skyping from the chapel, however I still don't know when.
 Wow mom so I have a little gift for the bell grandparents, but I don't know what would be good forthe allens there any kind of things they collect or that they like that a could buy them?I would buy a nut cracker, but I don't think they know what those are here ha. something
 I am really enjoying right now is the last three chapters of moroni and moroni 7:48 that states that only a true disciple of Jesus Christ  is given the pure love of christ from God. so we see that charity is something we earn and there are many aspects to it. a few verses before 48 and article of faith #13 really describe what charity is. By the way excuse me about Lehi's vision it definately was the holy ghost I went back and reviewed it and looked at some other things it is definately the Holy Ghost.
Something interesting this week is we hadn't had water to shower for four days so last night I got to shower in the rain at about two a clock in the morining when I woke up... it was acutally really nice
Thank you so much for the packages I have recived five form you and one from grandma and grandpa Bell thank you so much for the pictures by the way. I was wondering if you every do send another package or letter and remember ths I will be extremly grateful because this has been in my head for a while. I want the picture of the Christmas before I left with all of the bell familhy together at the party the funny faced one and the normal one if you could do that I would be really excited.  Love you mom say high to the fam. Love,Elder Bell
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Monday, December 2, 2013


 I am excited to spend Christmas here in Los Llanos there are some really awesome members here.

This week I focued a lot in D&C 11 it is a great chapter I really love verse 18 I am grateful for the Scripture references you send it is always nice to be able to have new scriptures to pass over and see how they help me be more converted.

 I am starting to gain weight now ha got to get excercising hopefully it will be easier now that I have kind of gotten rid of the allergy I had.

 I am glad then the Allen Grandparents are doing well makes me smile.

Something that I want to do very badly is go to the temple because it has been thirteen months without even seeing it now. I just have bad luck with temple rotations I left right before they went and returned right after this zone had made a trip.

 This week II ate two chicken claws and a very hot pepper called ahitipi it is a little tiny red thing and whatever it touches doesn't stop burning for a while , suprisingly I liked it.

 I love you bunches have a good week! Love Elder Bell

Monday, November 25, 2013


The foods I have had are fruits. One is called manzana de oro it is really good and we have a tree of it in our back yard and then the other thing is called guanabana it is delicious in shakes.

We did a fun get together at Christmas last year, but this year the area seventy prohibited it because there are too many missionaries to get together we are 260 just in the east part and I guess it causes problems if we all get together.

Don't you worry mom all they eat here is chicken every day they eat chicken rice and beans it is called the bandera..or "the flag" it is a trademark here I actually don't like eating meat that much I prefer fruits and salads. I have been trying to make pastas more often too.

What are Grandma and Grandpa Allen up to? Are they doing well?

 I teach english at the church. If you get the chance can you send me stamps in the package and carmal apple suckers the ones that have the green wrapper? I have such bad tan lines... and I think I have a boil or something in my armpit it gets really irritated so I need to take care of that. If you get the chance you should send allergy medicine too because  I get really stuffed up because of the dust and it makes it difficult to sleep sometimes. 

This area is hard haha I am learning alot from it. The sacrament meeting yesterday was really good the district leaders came and bore some testimonies that I needed to here from people in this country. Such solid members they really gave me a spiritual upliftment that I needed I was pretty frustrated that morning. Not a lot of support from members in this branch and people got baptized for the wrongs reasons too. But I am happy to know that there are members that are truly converted in this country and for that the true will progress because converted members are motivated to do the will of the Lord.

 I love you all tons! Have a great week!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Well the spiritual experience this week would be that we went to look for inactive members and found three sisters that got baptized six years ago but stoppped going two years ago because  it wasn't the same when the missionaries changed. That is one of the excuses that makes me really sad that they were going to church to please the missionaries. So we got to know them pretty well and then read alma 5:26 and asked them how the misionaries that they are so tight with would feel if they saw what they are doing now and it really touched them we then read a chapter in john 21 and reminded them that just as the apostles did we all lose motivation at times, but all the same Christ expects us to keep pushing forward and learn to progress and adapt and help others want to sing the song of redeeming love that we feel as we are continually more and more converted to our savior's teachings..
 Sounds like a really weird dream mom don't dream stuff like that. ha yes sugar cane is just a big stick you chew on it and spit out the remains after getting the sugar out it is flipping good.  We do service for people all the time usually digging  up piles of dirt and mving them to make the bases of houses and stuff like that. We painted the kitchen of a hospital last week too. That sounds like a whole lot of fun with the  primary. I am super jealous about the State championship haha I had a bad dream about football the other night.. which isn't as common. I really don't like remembering that stuff sometimes so I don't think about it. Every day is a fresh start, The priests and teachers only showed up ten minutes late to Sacrament meeting this time so that was good they actually even blessed the sacrament. We are trying to get them ready to serve missions in two years so the Duty to God Program is a big deal they have never established it or used it here so that is badly needed.
You want to know what is stressful? teaching english classes to twenty people and five of them change everyweek and they all have a different leven of understanding and are different ages.
Tell Justin congratulations for me.  I was really excited about the trip to china that will be an awesome experience. Where does Bay want to go to college?do you have any plans for Christmas? what else... have you accepted the friend requiests I may or may not have on Facebook?
 Mango season gets here in two months... TWO MONTHS I can't wait I missed the last one and now I am in a place where there are so many I can get them for free! I am starting to gain weight again! No one in our house wants to leave to do anything like that so it is a little difficult ha I just have to pretend I will be wrestling when I get home and that I am training for wrestling season and I will be more motivated haha.
 Love you all a whole bunch have a wonderful week!
 Love, Elder Bell

Monday, November 11, 2013


Wow I had no clue about the Philipines, I was in shock when I heard about Brinton Carlson I love that guy. I hope he is ok. He graduated with me and everything.

Well my cultural experiences usually include talking about baseball or having to explain to people here that I don't know how to dance bachata or salsa or  mambo, because it isn't common where I live.The people here love music and they have some really good stuff and kinds orf dancing that originated here. I do want to learn to dance more when I go home. I have been enjoying walking ankle deep at least in water and mud wherever I go. I really have been focusing alot on the young men's program here becasue that didn't have their own class or anything before. Well I am still working on playing soccer, however I have to learn how on a basketball court because there is no where else. I love buying sugar cane still. I can buy a huge stick of it for only fifty cents so flipping good. Ahhhhh I am really way too comfortable as a missionary haha I have noticed that one of the first things I do every morning is I pray then I go put a shirt on so I can put on my plaque haha kind of nerdy.

Tell dad to keep updating me with the stuff about college wrestling haha I miss that still. Where does Baylin want to go to college? where is she applying?  I think I will go to ISU when I get home that way I don't have to take out loans and stuff like that. My companion is cool. He did some MMA before the mission and played on a soccer team I think he was a mechanic too.

Wellllllllllll I don't have a whole lot more to say sometimes I totally space. I really have enjoying reading Joseph Smith History lately and focusing on his feelings and the way the spirit guided his words in defense of the truth it is pretty spectacular when you read it and realize how powerful and sincere his testimony really is  I am striving to have a testimony like that.

 Love you all tons have a great week
 Love , Elder Bell

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov. 4, 2013

That is cool  I love hearin about what is going on in sports. It sounds like you all had a blast for Halloween.
 My new companion and area are... very different the only thing that is like my other areas is that I still feel very isolated from all the other missionaries.  I get along with my companion.  I was really bummed today because we were supposed to get together with a whole bunch of Elders and play soccer, but it has been raining for the past twenty four hours, we were about to get on the three hour bus ride to go play and we got a called that it was cancelled... I spend more time washing everyone's dishes than I do exercising which kind of kills me. But the bright side is this house at least has a pull up bar inside.Yesterday I was told I was teaching the Young  Men's lesson from now on and I know that that will be a blast. Basically I get to be the young men's president for a little while and I love teaching them even though they don't listen for the first thirty minutes. If I am patient they always end up participating by the end. This area rains too much so we are always walking in the mud.

 I want a rematrch against that Rock Springs wrestler. I  had a dream about that match the other night.It is pretty weird how fast time starts going two weeks in to the transfer and I feel really new still the area is small too and I am still getting used to it. Tell Trevor thank you for the quote in the Dear Elder he sent me it has been helping me alot I needed it. I love you and mom and bay and brit and brea miss you all , but that's just how it is!
                      Love, Elder Bell

Monday, October 28, 2013

Back in the DR 10/28/2013 Los Cianos

 I am living in a four man house with Elder Huanca again so that is really cool. I really was completely shocked and sad to leave, but that is just how it goes.

 Bay and britt have told me nothing haha.  I got a birthday package from Grandma but besides that nothing yet.

The challenges in this area is that the evangelical church is more entertaining for people, especially since not a whole lot of the people out here know how to read. I am the branch secretary right now. The branch really struggles with people getting baptized and then just going inactive. We have 180 members here and 30 of them go to church.  This place is really really quiet. I love it. I do have to teach english classes again which I am not so fond of. Everyone has a different level of knowledge so it makes it impossible to progress.

I love speaking spanish again I am really focusing on it so I can study it more in college then I want to study portuguese I think I want to go more into languages. I am going to miss playing futbol for hours on p-day my new comp can play well, but for only about ten minutes haha.

Well love you mom you are in my prayers, talk to you next week :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to the DR! 10/21/2013

Got a call last night looks like I am going to the DR tomorrow! Here is a
picture from each of the islands.I will be going to an area called Los
Cianos in the zone San Pedro and I will be living in the same house as
Elder Huanca the Elder that trained me my companion is now Elder Diaz from

Monday, October 21, 2013

10/20/2013 - Baylins 18th Birthday

Today I received a message from a lady that had bumped into Brennan in Aruba.  I am not sure who it was as I could not understand her name but I think she was from Utah from her phone number.  She said Elder Bell looks great and is so happy and that he is such a great missionary.  It was so exciting to hear from someone that had actually seen him.  So if you happen to read this blog, Thank You to my dear sister in the gospel for taking the time to call us!  Denise

I am gone haha I leave tomorrow morning at eight thirty so strange I feel like I am being moved to a completely different mission again

.I am pumped to hear about Brittan being ordained to the office of a priest! It sounds like he has really been working hard and has grown up so much. It is really nice to hear about what is going on in the family all of the fun things you are doing sound like a blast. DAd told me you are working hard and staying really busy. I hope everything is going well for you in your work.

One thing that I am really excited about is that I will be speaking spanish 24-7 again. I really got in the rythym of Papiamento, but Spanish is so much better.  I am pretty excited to be back in the DR where there are more than just two other missionaries. The only thing I don't like right now is that we have basically orders from the mission president to put the house in perfect condition for the sister missionaries that are coming. Lots of cleaning today! haha Not much is going on besides that pretty big news I will make sure to tell you all about it next Monday :)
    Love, Elder Bell
( I am not sure if this means he is going back to the DR or if he is just moving within Aruba.  Last week he said he is flying out of Aruba December 5 so this mom is a little confused by this email)

Monday, October 14, 2013


Today at 7:41 AM
Well I have known for a while , but it was confirmed last week that I am no longer going to be in San Nicolas I am getting moved to the other side of the Island and Sister Missionaries are coming to this area . You know what that means..we have special orders to clean the house and make it really nice so that is what we have been doing a whole lot of.
 I can't believe I only get six more weeks here on these Islands and then I get sent back to the DR to get culture shocked all over again. It is really strange that I have more time in these ABC islands than I have had in the DR.
 We are doing well lately we have had some really really hard days, but some good ones too. The family that made it to the last thirty minutes of conference is doing well, however the father really doesn't like church because he has had a whole lot of prior experience with being cheated and stolen from in all the other churches so we finally got to talk to him last night and he still doesn't like the idea that his family wants to go to church. But his son that is seventeen has been going and his sister that is twenty, their mother really would like to go, but  she has a hard time making it because of her work schedule.Last night she made us some see food it was the head of a squid cut into rings and fried and it was amazing.
 Last week we went and played with some really good soccer players it was tons of fun got to really move around and enjoy playing a fast paced sport again.I never told you that I was really considering buying soccer cleats for a while did I? Then I realized it would just be a waste of money since I only get to play thirty minutes in the mornings and on p-day.
Today we are oging to have another Argentine style barbeqcue at the Branch President's house. We ate so much last time I don't know if I will do that again I also have plans to go buy stuff this Monday. I don't know it that will happen or not though.ahhh it is bugging me so bad that I can't spell barbecque right....oh well I love you all I am glad things are going well at home enjoy those freezing temperatures;) 
Love, Elder Bell

Monday, October 7, 2013


  (I asked Bren if he needed to go buy a bike that wasn't from Toys R Us.)  I am working on getting a bike repaired.(Of course I am worried about him being sick.)  I am feeling well my body beat the amoebas I think. I miss the craziness in our house.  (Brit and Brea were fighting over parade candy just as Brea was getting ready to write to Brennan.  Kind of ruined her mood to write.) Tell Brittan he better say sorry to her buy her a bag of that candy and help her finish writing that letter. (Even though it may not have been her fault, funny even at a distance he is taking care of the baby girl., and bossing the younger brother around.)

 I really enjoyed the conference even though we spent half the time trying to fix the internet in our little house chapel. We had investigators come to church for the first time this transfer and there were eight of them so that was an energy booster. Saturday I had the best barbecque of my entire life we helped with a service project on friday and cut up the ribs and the chicken for three hours and the next day in between conference sessions we got to the barbecque late and they gave us all of the ribs that were left. I am never going to forget that :)

This last week was a little tedious because I spent five hours each day in a customs place trying to get my visa extended so I can stay here until the fifth of December. It is done now so that stress is gone.It has been extremely hard to meet with people and teach and help them people aren't holding through on their commitments, but a few people came to church this week and it gave me some hope. Right now we really need to focus on our obediance to the will of  God and work hard on following every little rule and doing all the little things like Dad always taught me and like it says in alma 37 and then we will see god realize his works of salvation through us. If I don't put the will of God first as a missionary I simply can not expect him to use me as an instrument. I have found that weakness is something that I need if I want to progress and as I strengthen my weaknesses I will be able to ascend to another level of faith. I love that quote about doubting our doubts before our faith also. Some of the best counsel I have ever heard every day we will be enfronted with reasons to doubt our faith and that just gives us an opportunity to learn where we can strangthen our faith, what we can study, and how we can serve someone else today to be able to forget ourselves and our doubts and invite someone else to be edified in their faith.

Time is going faster everyday. I feel like I start to get to know people and get kicked out of my area. I might be getting moved to the north side of Orangestad in two weeks because sister missionaries are coming to this area and we supposedly are going to have a new area in Aruba

. I thought it was really cool that there were alot of talks focused on basic covenants and ordinances Saturday. We so easily forget the importance of our covenants with God.

I have been loving it here with my comp we go and play soccer every morning at six , but he still makes me look foolish he played for a semi pro team before the mission haha. Well I better write my mission President now I love you tons! ,Elder Bell

Monday, September 30, 2013


I have had a hectic week it has been very hot. Our bike gets a flat tire we have to pump up every mile. I also kind of got the flu a little and amoebas in my stomach :), I think my body is winning now, but I think my companion and I will be going to the doctor tomorrow because we both have it and it hits me at night so I have had a hard time sleeping. However I have still been very happy I just want to help people and be better I know I have a lot to work on and I am glad I get put in places where I can see things happen right in front of me that make me realize what is really importantly and what changes I can make in my life to really be a happier person and help those who I love have peace and feel good.

 I found out that my flight to the Dr is going to be on the 5th of December I am excited to go back there, but this experience has really changed my life and I feel so blessed to have been able to come to these Islands

.I am so excited for General conference it is such a great time to reflect on what the Lord wants to tell me personally and we have had struggles getting people to come to church so we have a whole lot of focus on getting those people to at least go to General Conference.

 So, in my christmas package there are two things that I know that I want, cambell's bean and bacon soup and a new belt, both of my are pretty dead. I would also like to ask how much money is on my Debit card? and please get on facebook and accept friend requests if I have any from people out here.

How are grandparent's Allens? and Bells? miss them. Tell Justin Allen congratulations and keep me updated if any of my other brothers get married holy cow ha.

So many investigators right now are afraid to go to a church they think they will be obligated to do things or questioned or judged or that it will be boring and the people will be too serious. It is very frustrating especially since this Branch needs new members more than any of the other ones I have been in since this area got re opend six months ago there have been no baptisms and before that there had not been any for two years. there was a man ready to be baptized the second week I got here and he left to go to venezuela. A little bit hard, but what can we do.

I am so happy for all of you love you all and you are all always in my thoughts I can work harder just because I know you are praying for me. Love, Elder Bell

Monday, September 23, 2013


 Aruba is very very hot we are now in the hottest time of the year and I am in a huge area with bikes that don't really work. I prefer walking to be honest.

 I speak all three languages, but English is the language of the San Nicolas branch. Right now we are teaching an awesome Jamaican family the father is  very receptive.

 I am so happy to here about sports and mom's job going well. I am grateful for you to and the love you have for each other .Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them.

 This week we did  a lot but not a whole lot of big and exciting news besides that the Aruban elections for government are this week and all they do is make huge parades that stretch the distance of the Island and party for weeks. I am getting lots of cool free stuff though. .I go with my comp evey morning to this nice indoor soccer field and we play. That is probably one of my favorite things we do lately.The food is good here, but we don't have many members to go eat with so we get meals about twice a week.

I have district meetings every Thursday through skype, I have been to one zone conference and that was before I left the DR. I think I have seen my pres twice, however he is coming to Aruba soon so I will see him then too.

That is awesome that Baylin is going to homecoming with Stihl love that kid. I am so happy to hear about all of your successes . I love you all and can't wait to hear from you next week.

 Love. Elder Bell

Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/2013 ARUBA

 I am  saddend to hear about Matt Johnson's mother . My heart goes out to him.

 Things that happen in our lives, like these, at least give us an opportunity to understand the atonement and I know we all love those that are struggling very much and I know Christ loves them even more.

 I am grateful for you and dad and that even though everything is not always perfect that you have been an example of how to forgive and show love one for another.

 The good news I have is that I love my companion and have never felt so comfortable with any of my companions before and we are working hard to help get this area going.  It was not reopened until this year and it has its sturggles and needs. Not an easy places to be right now , but I am here for a reason and I plan on learning from it and growing.

Please let Mandy know that she has been one of the biggest supports for me as a missionary and I have received so much help from her and I know that her prayers have blessed me. She is one of the best examples in my life.

 I love you very much mom. I hope you know that.

 If I haven't told you yet, the house I live in now is the nicest house in our entire mission, so clean brand new with new beds. I have never slept so well in my life. My companion was born in Argentina and  his family now lives in California we get along great. He likes wrestling and learning about it because he plans on going into the navy seals after his mission so I am going to teach him wrestling and he is going to teach me how to dance to latin music haha ;)

 Love you mom have a great week tell dad I love him! Elder Bell


Sept. 16, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1st Day in Aruba 09102013

Haha so yesterday I got delayed in the airport for six hours so that is why you didn't get an email from me. I am in orangestad right. now.       I am pretty excited to get  bi kes again. My feet are killing me right now I got some HUGe blisters yesterday playing basketball. My new companion was born in Argentina , however he lives in California his name is Elder Villareal. That is so amazing of Uncle Leonard to do that thank him for me please send my love. Right now I feel very at home Elder Thornock is here and Elder Villareal is awesome too I am excited to see what we will do. Our P- Day got moved to today because  there wasn't really time to do anything yesterday. His family is really supportive so don't worry about that Aruba has really clean water and it has taco bell so don't worry about food or anything either   None  of   my areas have really been that bad with those things and in these Islands I will never have a problem.                      
 I am so happy to hear that my brother and sisters are exceling at what they do and that they are happy.    ............             There Is  a    huge       focus   out here getting members to do family home evenings and invite friends and have an enviorment where they can meet the missionaries and not feel awkward
.I am going to be here in Aruba for three months and then I most likely go back to the DR. Well not much more than that for now. Love you all tons. , Elder Bell

Monday, September 2, 2013

Personal Radiation - David O. McKay


The can of nuts:(


This is the picture at the end of the story of how I drop an entire full
can of mixed nots that I was very excited to eat. I had never had this
treat all to myself before and I needed a snack for the  next sunday. So I
bought these and my companion, when we got home, saw a cockroache in the
shower...he is very very terrified at the sight of cockroaches. so he asked
me to go kill it when I we to kill it I brought my nuts and was eating
them.. that was a mistake, because as I tried to kill the bug I spilled
the entire full can all over the nasty bathroom floor the end :) the
saddest part is I didn't even get to eat one macademia nut...



I am glad everything is going so well I am getting ready to go to Aruba next Monday. Same feeling as usually really don't want to leave this area I wish I had more time to work with members and help the branch.

So last sundy I sang the worst I ever have in my life, but at least my companion had to do it with me..We sang a song from the hymn book I had never heard before and didn't get to practice it because we were told only five minutes before the meeting.

The Baptism was awesome on Saturday Je-liaen bore an awesome testimony about how she was struggling to know if she should get baptized so she prayed about it three different times and all three times she got her answer and was so excited to tell us after she did. The coolest thing about it all is this branch needed her dad and now he is completely active and he is the new seminary teacher for the young men and women in his area on the island and he is way excited for that calling. The young men and women are getting ready fora trip to the temple in the DR in October and her and her father will both be going :).

I am so happy to hear all about the great things going on in our family and to hear that grandma and grandpa Bell are doing well :). I am very grateful for my mission. I love it. It has helped me realize how much I love all of you too. Right now my only family  is right here with me is the branch. I think that might be why It is so hard for me to see their struggles and needs and then not feel like I am capable of really helping with those things. I am here to be the best example I can and then invite everyone to do everything they can to build the Lord's kingdom. Invite others and always try to see the good  in them see what they can become and understand that God has a purpose for each and everyone of us not just in this life, but also in his church and we have to choose whether we accept it or not. I am glad that being a missionary is helping me know how I should involve myself with the church and be proactive instead of reactive in my callings and I hope I can always remember these experiences.

 Love you, Elder Bell

Monday, August 26, 2013


This weekend we have a Baptism! It is the reactivated father baptizing his eighteen year old daughter and wow is she excited. After she pased her interview on skype she came running down the hall smiling and screaming things in Papiamento.
Right now I think I am doing the best I have ever done personally so far at staying diligent and being happy while I serve. Something interesting that might be happening is that a branch in Aruba is having alot of problems and I wasn't supposed to go there. I was supposed to go to the branch with the new chapel and tons of members, buuttt my district leader told president that I need to go to the branch that needs help so I am kind of going to Aruba, but it is more like Jamaica supposedly and I no longer get a car and I bet I have to buy a bike because the old missionaries bought a huffy and a mongoose after the other good bikes got stolen because they were a week from leaving the area already..but I am excited to go somewhere where I can work hard and will have an awesome companion!
Today was awesome we climbed a huge mountain and I got some really cool pics I am going to send them next Monday
.Last sunday we had Nine investigators at church for branch council and I have never had that many go so that was exciting too. I think it is a little weird but I want to go back to the DR it is like I feel homesick to be there. I will be really excited to see all the other missionaries again and go to the temple specifically.
Some crazy changes are happening with our areas down here branches getting split and sister missionaries probably getting sent soon. They must not know what to do with all the new sister missionaries because we have forty now and used to have ten. Also, the mission used to be 85% american missionaries and now it flipped it is 85% latinos. So out of 250 missionaries about fourty are american and most of them are sisters I think. Pretty crazy. well besides that I don't really have much to say, but I love you! have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 19, 2013

08192013 11 Months in the Mission Field

Hey :) This week went well, but lots of random stuff happened my companion got a speeding ticket we got a bad flat tire and the spare had a hole in it...yeahhhh so Sunday we walked more than I have ever to go to appointments. Our area is really big ha good news is early this morning we got two new tires and that is why there is no more money on my card. Don't worry though eventually I will be rembursed. I am really sorry that my english is so bad I can't really spell anymore.
We also had a really awesome experience with a lady from colombia and her daughter. They are both very busy and we have to meet in random places alot, but we finally got to go to her daughter's house yesterday and the lesson was really good her friend from colombia was with us and was able to talk through skype and you can totally see the trust Estela and Hilary have in him because of the example he gave as their neighbro their whole lives. If it were not for him there would be no possible way that they would be talking to us right now and they really recognize the spirit because of the things he has gradually shared with them his whole life.They are really special people I really believe they will join this church just a little while after I leave curacao :).
 Right now we are teaching a preach my gospel class in the branch and it seems to be helping us to ffind new people to teach and use our time wisely. I am very grateful for  that class it has really helpd me to learn about how to fulfill with my calling in a better way and I feel the spirit as others share the experiences int their lives that strengthen my testimony.
 My companion is elder Montgomery from Texas  we get along well and work hard together.  we have plenty of water to drink it is really clean too so don't even worry about that. I have had alot of success with sharing my favorite picture of you all standing in front of the St. George temple and explaining why I love it so much. People recognize the importance of the temple right when they see it the spirit really touches them that it is the house of the lord that has really helped me with my testimony of the truthfulness of this church. Our house has airco in our bedroom but I don't even like it it makes me too cold in the night really weird that I am saiying that, but it is true I don't like being cold in the caribbean. Here we have a church building and right now they are getting ready to put it under construction so that is cool . It definately is not a normal chapel though it is very different. I get to exercise when I have the motivation to go right outside our house and think of anything and everything that I can do on our little pation because my comp. just likes playing basketball in the morning.Sadly the ball is flat now and we have no pump because the other missionaries broke it. funny thing is I am kind of good at basketball now and I have no clue when that happened but none of my companions have beat me haha ;). Today I finally found a place to do pull ups here and I did burpee push ups I did 50 pullups and 100 burpees and thought I was going to die haha I am really missing having a wrestling room to work out in . Everything is great here I will go to Aruba in three weeks. Just like always I don't want to go there but you cant't stay longer than three months on any island sooooo that's how it is.
 I love you very much.. Love you all, Elder Bell

Monday, August 12, 2013

More pictures 08122013



One more thing yesterday I realized that I have now taught people from Haiti, the DR, Canada, Holland, Jamaica, India, China, Surinam, Colombia,Venezuela, and is really diverse down here haha Love you guys

This week was really great we received a new assignment from the branch president here and I really like it. We have a list of about four  hundred names and addresses and each week we are supposed to visit ten of them and find out if they still live there and if we have the right telephone number. It has really helped us to find new investigators but it is kind of sad to realize that all of those names are inactives.

I actually didn't spent that money on myself (I told him to spend some money for his B-Day) I had to use it to service the car since we didn't have enough for the car and the brake pads, but don't worry I have the money back and used it to buy breakfast at Denny's today:)

I am so glad to hear you were at the temple on my birthday there is no better place. It is strange to recognize that it has been such a long time since I last went there by the time I go to the DR it will have been a year.

This last two weeks we have had a lot of progress with and inactive that returned to church and he has come the last four Sundays he also  was really excited when we visited his house yesterday we got in and he couldn't stop smiling. He said his daughter had some good news for us. We have been teaching her a few weeks now and she prayed and got a very solid answer that she needs to be baptized on the 31st of this months. And if all goes well her father will be baptizing her! He is an amazing man and I find a lot of joy in being at his house and seeing him remember the testimony that he had and gained as a missionary when he served in Venezuela 25 years ago. He has told us he is never leaving again. I really think that the most rewarding way to work is teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ to families that want to be together forever.

My last companion elder Bullen from the DR wrote me last week and told me the family of five we were teaching all got baptized last transfer and I just feel very happy that I was able to help those people at one point in their lives. I am glad you and Dad were able to go do that that sounds like fun :)

 So I really feel like lately that I have been doing a bad job at writing can you give me a few questions that you have so I can think of what I should say? sometimes there is so much it overwhelms me so I just don't say anything at all.I love you. I love our family so  much and miss you all I can't wait to here about your busy lives here in a few weeks! Love Elder Bell

Monday, August 5, 2013


Welllll this week has been a blast. I really enjoy being with Elder Montgomery. We get along really well and we work hard. Right now I am really stressed out because we have five people preparing to be baptized and I am hoping I can see that since I have already been teaching them for a while.They are really amazing people and I hope I can do what I need to to help them.
This week not a whole lot happened besides having to search for my letters from all of you that an Elder coming from the DR was supposed to bring , but he got lost and had some complications that stopped him. Don't worry though we still got them from some guy that knew the Elders before and had our number so he took the packages and gave them to us. 
Days start getting really fast when your second transfer starts in an area especially when you have a lot of work to do. I wish I had more time to be here.This branch is really progressing with tons of people starting to come back to church. One person in particular really stands out to me. His name is Javier and he has been a member for a long time. He even served a mission in Venezuela and his daughter who isn't a member invited him back to church through an activity . He decided to go to church once so he wouldn't be embarrased at the activity and when he went he had an interview with his daughter and the branch president. His daughter expressed her deisire to be baptized and he agreed to letting us come to teach her. When we went to there house he seemed really nervous, but as we shared the first vision you could seem the hope and faith he had as a missionary come back to him. He then bore a testimony that was very powerful and told us he had forgotten his testimony and he wish he would have never left the church and he doesn't plan on ever leaving again and he is now preparing to baptize his daughter on the 31st of August! It is always a more spiritual enviroment when we teach in part member families and help them realize what they want for eternity.
 That is mostly is for now I plan on sending pictures next week just so you know. I love you all very much you are in my prayers and thoughts often. Love, Brennan

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I wish I could have gone to that reception that would have been so cool!  (James Esplin) I am excited to hear about your calling that really will be awesome. I think those callings are the most important ones in the church I feel like in my home and in primary classes it where I gained the majority of my testimony. I like the looks of Brea's cake, but I have got to ask.. What is it? haha
 This week was interesting we were told to try and change our apartment and the landlord flipped and was threatening us with lawsuits and and saying it violates some contract I have never even seen and he has no signature on it. Then later that sunday evening our microwave lit on fire so I got to live my five year old dream and put it out with a pot of water... after I had already unplugged it don't worry haha. I finally weighed over 170 last week but I got it back to 165 again ha I don't feel any bigger so I don't get how I weigh so much. Last Monday the car battery died and wouldn't jump start and no one from the branch came to help us so we got home at 11 at night which is really late for us and the best part is I got to ride in a tow truck :).Ugh the last two sets of elders on this Island didn't service the car so I get the priviledge of doing it the beginning of nest trasfer on P-day!wooo hoooo....This week was a little unique I guess you could say. Whats cool is after hard days and weeks I have always been blessed with awesome new people to teach and be friends with. We have this awesome 21 year old young man named Omar that is so awesome he has been struggling to believe in God and once he read about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith's situation he lost all doubts and really described how powerfully he feels theSpirit when he Reads it and asks us questions. I really lke how cool he is about it all and honest too it makes it so much fun to visit him and really just be his friend. I have really been thinking about how cool it is going to be to come home and share my experiences with you in a little while. Time goes so fast when I just get lost in the work.
 And mom...what do you mean the salmon only had a few bones...? you trying to be euphimistic? haha. I found out today that the beginning of next transfer I will be elder Montgomery's comp again so that is cool even though I really like having new companions all the time. Mom and dad what size of shirts do you wear? And just to let you know I solved the debit card thing so don't worry about that they have it cleared for all these islands. I can't think of a whole lot of new things now. I love you all so much have a great week!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Mommyyyyyy! How is everything today?! I cleaned up a huge mess today in our apartment I found tons of maggots eating something rotten and it smelled horrible and also  my companion has had tons of problems with his skin and now he has bed bugs :\ very miserable for him but he keeps working hard it is awesome.
 Lets see this last week we said goodbye to Jasmine as she left to Holland and I accidentally ate ice cream that had alcohol in it.. which stinks because I never broke the word of wisdom until my mission.. I am such a tig  ha. We are starting to teach a venezuelan family and they havve a dog that looks like emmy it is really weird.
This week I noticed something really funny in elders quorum meeting abnd me and my companion coud not stop laughing for the longest time. Well I hope you guys understand what I am saying. There are these two Older high priests that we noticed are part of a pattern in every ward they are the two old smart ones that make jokes that only they get and they sit there and giggle and act like little kids as they joke with each other and then I realized it makes me feel like I am at home bcause there are usually two older men like that in every single ward in the church. At least the ones I have been in and elder Irizarry too because he could not stop laughing after I told him.
 Something else that has been concerning us is that  we have three women who are ready for baptism and come every single week , but there husbands will not give consent which is so frusrtating for them. One of them bore a testimony about the church in the investigator class and when she finished there was not a single person the wasn't crying. She shared the desires of her heart in that testimony and it was true and she said she will endure until the end of her life and you could feel that she really meant what she was saying.
 One more cool thing we came to a less active woman's house for an appointment with her the other night and no one was there, but a nineteen year old boy was sitting there watching a movie and he was either ignoring us or really really into the movie. Well, we decided he needed to acknowledge us at least so we said hey you on the couch! and he immediately came to the door and seemed excited to meet with us he then asked us some awesome questions about the Plan of Salvation and he said he felt like something about what we were saying was putting a broken puzzle together that he has had in his head all of his life and he also said he wants to be baptized. I am really hoping he will remember those feelings he has had because I have the same kind of thing happen before and people lose their fire if they don't act upon what the Holy ghost has told them. That has happened to me many times in my life as I ponder upon the things I have felt, heard, said... but what have I actually done? and acted upon/ I invite you all to think and pray about that too I am praying about it and recognizing that I am becoming more converted, even though it can be very hard.
I love you a ton have a great week!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey!!!! So this week has been pretty good we went on splits yesterday and I went out with the elders quorum President. He can be really stubborn and only really wanted to visit less active members which is good because that is the focus for missionary work in the islands right now, but what was really cool was seeing him get excited when we had opportunities to make contacts when we couldn't find the members. He was quiet at first but got really pumped to teach investigators that we found together and the hearts of those people were very open because of him being there as a witness of how the gospel has changed his life and he would talk about what the young missionaries of our church really do.
 Jasmine our last baptism had a little slip up with the word of wisdom which was really scary for her sister and us, and she totally held strong after she slipped up and met with president and is doing a whole lot beter now she goes back to Holland this thursday though so that is kind of sad to have to say goodbye to her.
Someone new that we have been teaching is so amazing his name is Rudolph and he is from here about 53 years old and really has a lot of desire to make changes in his life. He works  as a guard at the prison her and always has some really crazy stories for us ha. This sunday he had the night shift before church so he stayed up all night and went from work to church without even taking the time to eat or sleep and when he got here he realized he still had his firearm on he said this to Elder Irizarry and was kind of nervous because  I guess he has rules that he has to have it with him at all times. So he was worried we wouldn't let him in elder Irazarry said as long as it didn't go off it will be ok.. but hopefully he won't bring it next time ha. He is now fighting on leaving behing smoking and had a miracle last week he said he lit five cigarettes in a row and they were all bad and made him cough and he couldn't take it so he even tried switchin brands and all the cigarettes he lit he couldn't smoke either. Really cool to see him act upon his desires to be baptized probably one of the most dedicated people I have met yet and I know if he really wants to change God will help him do what he wants to do.
What else...oh yeah for my Birthday I was thinking maybe I will just go get a check up at the Dentist's in Aruba when I get there and use my debit card I just need you make sure I don't flag it so can you help me out with what I need to do with that please? :) I am so grateful that Shane and Kris did that for me I really appreciate that and I know it has really help you and dad relieve some stress! I will pray about the house you are renting out. hmmmmmmmm hwat else.. yeah I wrote down a bit in the letters I am going to scan and send to each one of you so I will leave it at that for now love you a bunch!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The ward in Curacao, Baptism in Curacao, the last baptism in BonAire


Next time I am going to send messages to people individually, I didn't get time to today because we just had a problem that ate up our time. We ordered pizza and realized we had no money with us and went to three ATMS that weren't working.
 This past week has been good we have had some really good contacts that we kind of got just from talking to people so that was cool and they are all pretty excited to visit the church. I got to confirm Jasmine Yesterday that was the first confirmation I have ever done and it was a very cool experience.
Today we went to the national park and saw some really cool blow holes and I kind of got in the ocean because a wave snuck up on me in a cave....ha this Branch is really cool they speak tons of papiamentu and I really feel like I am getting pretty good at it. I speak it before spanish isn't a very expressful language though so Spanish is better communication.
 Brittan turned into a tank top kid huh ;) haha I am glad to hear the wrestling camp went so well and to hear that bay and brea are enjoying softball. Actually the ocean can get a little old if you look at it every day , but you can't get in or whenever you ride by it on bikes in church cltohes too haha
 I love you all so much I finally got all your handwritten letters done so now I just have to send them. I wish I could be there in  St. George beating Brittan and Dad at wrestling matches in the pool...... I love you alll have a wonderful week! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013


A small preface to the response about Daxton and what he said about Brennan:  Daxton is Brennans cousin.  We go to Park city every summer as a family.  Last summer Brennan bought a couple of little plastic RAMS for Travis to put in his office at HHS.  One was a Blue Smurf Ram and one was a Warrior Ram.  They are pretty cool.  This year on our trip Daxton went to the toy store and started his own collection of Ram toys because he wants to be like Brennan he told me.  When I asked him if he knew why Brennan was on a mission he said no so I told him that the reason Brennan is on a mission is because it is the right thing to do.  I said he went on a mission so that when Daxton and his other cousins are getting ready to  serve a mission that they will know they should because Brennan did because it was the right choice. So this is a good reminder that we never know who is watching and how much we really mean to them.

Wow that was really cool to hear about Daxton I am pretty sure he used to call me Brittan didn't even know that he knows my name.
So the Birthday thing... yeah don't worry about my birthday just send me some cool emails with pictures and maybe a few conference talks I can print out and study and give me to read when I am bored. I feel really bad I haven't writtne you all more I just need them to sent a tiny little email under their own names so that I don't feel like I am writing you everything I am saying to them I am also working on handwritten cards for all of you I just have to figure out where I should mail them out. The miami adress totally works I think the post office just messes up or can't figure it out so they send it back sometimes. They haven't sent me any dear elders and sometimes they bring down a few letters when somebody comes down to the islands, but for the most part I maybe get a few letters every transfer just a little hard to get them down here I guess.
Yeah that conference last night was absolutely amazing I learned so much and a lot of what was taught were answers to questions I have had. I really loved the video with the family and children of all ages going through all of their day's and the missionary work they did. I hope my family can be like that someday.
So this next part is just for Brea: Brea tell me how it was to go to the temple? was the walk fun? and how is softball? the other day I showed my companion a picture of you and I pointed out your cool magic eyebrow it is pretty awesome he was so pumped says he wants an eyebrow like that. I think about you often and hope you are really enjoying all the fun that you get to have with our family. so lately what has your favorite song been and why? and what was the funniest thing that happened in park city? I love you brea this week write me a little email just from you and I will be able to talk a little more.
 Next is for Brittan: Hey bud I heard about Boise and it sounds like you did awesome so I have a funny story for you the other day I was showing a thirteen year old girl investigator some pictures of our family the ones we took pretty close to right before I left and she was looking at them and thought I was you and I said no that isn't me she then said,"Why aren't you in your own picture with your family I can't find you in it it sdoesn't make sense" I then told her I am the guy in the purple shirt. and she replied, " No way you used to actually have muscles and my companion and I just started laughing our heads off haha I guess I must have shrunk a little bit since I left. I hope you got to see some of the mission conference last night it is probably one of the most important meetings that will ever take place during our lives it was very inspired every last part of it the stories and the videos I know it is what all of us as members in the church need to apply in our lives. So give me a heads up on what you have been up so and how was the sky coaster. Dying to hear from you love you britt!..................
ok back to the family letter. I have been doing good learning lots about myself and found out that if we pray to God to ask us to be happy doing his will throughout the day he actually helps us to feel more peace and enjoy his work. I have been thinking a lot about what is really going to make me happy in my life with all temporal goals set aside and I know by what I have learned that my only true happiness comes from reconginzing I am a son of God, remembering that, and trying to live like his only begotten son lived. I feel like I am unhappy when I am not trying to develop attributes of Christ. That is what I need to do to be happy with myself.  Prayer has also become very important for me so that I can know what I am doing and preaching is true and I have got to pray for faith and then live faithfully showing through obediance that I believe these things are ture. Love you all so much! Elder Bell

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Curacao - 6-18-2013 Week 1

Hey mom! how are you all after the fun week? I am doing great this island is completely different than Boinare two hundred thousand people very very busy haha. Two elders from Aruba were over here for a day so they could get their visas cleared and then go back and we had a blast we played two on two in I am so terrible at basketball ha but I got tons of rebounds on the bright side of things :)
The branch here is pretty big and we have a building that was actually made by the church and not rented so that is cool. I guess our main work here is working with all the less active member because there is a ridiculous amout of those here. I don't know exactly what happened but at one point in time there were twelve missionaries here and five branches they split the branches and the church kind of fell apart and they pulled all those missionaries out and there were not any missionaries for about two years so many people went in active.
My new companion's name is Elder Irizarry he is from arizona and he is probably the most outgoing companion I have had really fun to be around. I feel bad for him though because I am such a terrible driver ha I have almost killed us a couple of times, I hope he can one day get home to his family safe. Traffic is pretty ridiculous here and we have a pretty powerful car and I am so out of driving mode. Elder Irizarry plays lacrosse so that was pretty cool to find out I think he has fifteen months as a missionary right now too.
 It was weird getting on another plane just to go to my next area I guess I better just get used to it because I found out that I do go to aruba for sure in two transfers.
Our two baptisms last weekend were totally awesome and I will send as many pictures as I can next p-day. Right now we are praparing two investigators for baptisms on the 29th of this month pretty exciting and we are going to find some amazing people who are prepared for the gospel this week. there are a whole lot more places to look for people on this island so that is exciting.
Tell britt and brea to write me when they get a little bit of time about what has been going on I love you all so much! , Elder Bell

Monday, June 10, 2013

Pictures June 10, 2013

BonAire June 2013

To Dad - Fathers Day 2013

I am working on your father's day letter it will be there late but you should be getting a hand written one soon. That experience sounds absolutely amazing.  (Temple walk 2013) I am so happy they were all able to do it. So did Brittan run a lot of it then. Sounds like he was trying to hurry. haha Way to finish. I hope your foot gets better soon. It is interesting that it got hurt on the thirteenth mile. Every time I think of thirteen miles I think of when you broke that record for the wrestling team at Rick's. I love you father you are amazing and I appreciate the lessons you have taught me as well as the work ethic you have to provide for our family. I often wonder how your mission was as I serve my own mission and it makes me proud to remember that we have both served the Lord in the missionfield. We have really put emphasis in the branch with visiting. That is something I now recognize I must fulfill with in the future if I want to be a Righteous Priesthood holder and be a real servant to our Heavenly Father. I have learned so many lessons here from fathers not doing their job or playing their role in the family and It fills me will gratitude to know that you play the role in my life that you need to to help me grow strong and obedient. I think obedience is the most important think for me out here it helps me develop the other attributes of Christ I need. This church is about developing the body of Christ which are his saints. Thank you so much I love you dad!


 This week we have a baptism Ellery and Nurgia are awesome they will be the first Bonaire born couple to ever join the church here.

 This week I wrecked on my bike trying to carry a cantalope in one hand got to a turn and was going to fast stall on my front tire because I hit the front brakes too hard and held up traffic as many cars were behind me. I am ok, but my pride may have been hurt...just a little bit haha.

What else...we have been trying really hard to get people to do their visits here because that basically has not been existent.

 I leave to Curcao monday! sounds like a lot of fun 250,000 people on that little island so lots more to do and I get a car every single day :) yesssss I am sad to leave bonaire but I have worked hard here and don't have any regrets.

 Today we thought we were going didn't happen ahhhhhh that means I won't be golfing in the Caribbean any time soon .Love you mom sending some pictures your way.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer is here too and it is very hot ha.  We have been having a harder time here again with finding people to teach but at least three of the people we started teaching six weeks ago are coming to church every week and two of them get baptized on the 15th two days before I transfer to Curcao.
Today we drove to the national park here on the island and got some awesome pictures that I will send next week. We have been having a lot of fun here the people that do meet with us are amazing and I have been able to witness a lot of progress in the branch here. hopefully next monday we will go golfing with the branch president here if he has time to take us.
We have had such a blast teaching Ellery and Nurgia two bonairians that were very hesitant at first but through doing service projects for them and them putting in their effort to feel if this is the true church.They have some of the strongest testimonies I have seen and are very excited to be baptised. It is a very rewarding feeling to find people that will actually benefit from the church and work to help the Lord's kingdom become stronger. They are so much happier now than they were when I first met them and I was able to be part of helping them gain that happiness which is so exciting and rewarding to recognize
.Wrestling camp sounds like so much fun looking back on it I don't think there are alot of things that are more fun for me than going to a wrestling camp with all my friends there.
 This week I learned alot of things that have helped strengthen my testimony in the church in my personal scripture study and companionship study. I know that those are things that I want to continue doing the rest of my life. It is too uplifting and helpful for my to ever stop learning through studying the words of the prophets
.It is really strange now that I think in spanish first but mostly only talk in papiamentu really kind of messes with my head, and my english so when are you all in Park city? and how long? can I see a few pictures please? sorry for being so demanding but pictures are pretty much the funnest thing to receive. I bet it would be hard to focus with all of our family runing around like that it has got to be pretty hectic. Well mom I love you very very much I am going to try to answer bay and britt and dad's emails now have a wonderful week :)

Pictures that haven't made it here yet