Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

 The thing about Wednesday is that I should be getting on when it is about one a clock for you I hope there is internet so be able to do it if not I will have to call you or something and do it another day. The problem is there are not a whole lot of options of places to go so if there is no internet I am kind of done for. We were going to do it from the church, but that is not looking good because there hasn't been web access for a week now.

 Also, I have learned why the bishopric in each word dreads tithing settlement now. I am still scrambling to get stuff done and the internet situation is not making it easier.

 I was reading President Packard's talk from last conference and really enjoyed the experience he once had with a seventy that if there are any kinds of problem in a branch or ward the leaders should get them to read the scriptures. President Packard responeded"what scriptures?" and the seventy responded anywhere in the scriptures if the members are reading the problems that are in the ward will fix themselves because they are constantly receiving personal revelation from God who is the only being that will always know what we need. I have seen that happen for me as a missionary the help and direction I receive for the scriptures is incredible and always can be applied to me personally if I am trying to identify the1. Doctrine, 2. The principle, 3. and the Application. Looking for those things is what helps me to not get bored or tired and to always continue growing spiritually it is something I learned from when Elder Bednar spoke in the MTC. As I study, I have also noticed that during the day I don't get down on myself or discouraged if things don't go as planned or when I make mistakes. Because I know that I have already learned an eternal truth that day that I will carry with me through the eternities and that is the kind of success I need in this life to let the Spirit have a bigger impact on me and allow me to be of use to others and most importantly to the Lord.

This week had a lot of different challenges.. don't worry I wrote them in my journal so we will talk about it in the future haha. I have been feeling really grateful lately for the huge blessing that being a missionary has been for me, but aso I have noticed a whole lot of things I could be doing better too, which is good if I didn't have things to mejorar I would definately get bored and depressed. I love you a whole bunch and will see you on wednesday! Love Elder Bell
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