Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Alright so today we had our Christmas party with 200 Elders all there and it was pretty awesome! Alot is going on, but I am still with my temporary companion. On the Bright side Elder Huanca told me that we have three baptismal dates in my actual area ! They all came to church this last week and loved it and I can't wait to talk with them.One of the investigators is Kenya and her eight year old son jose she finally committed to getting baptized she was just scared of getting baptized and then leaving the church. So I hope that going to church and feeling the spirit willl help her testimony grow and build her desire to follow Christ's example. I guess she really loved seeing her son in primary and wants him to be as happy as those children in the church are and she wants him to learn about our heavenly father and how much he loves him. Also, the whole week before my companion got sick we were looking for a reference whose name is Tony Zapata and we could not find his house. We had been praying that even though we couldn't find him that he could find the church and come, and he ended up coming this week that I wasn't there :) he is ready to be baptized according to my comp. and I can't wait to meet him. God really does bless us when we are faithful in prayer and he answers our prayers I know that I need to trust in him more than anything else if I really want to truly serve him.

What else..... everybody keeps telling me that I speak spanish very well, but I still feel like I can't communicate in the manner I want to completely, but the Spirit makes up for the things we can't say with our words and one of my favorite scriptures along the lines of that thought is 2 nephi 33:1 and 2 I feel like my desire to learn has grown substantialy and there isn't even enough time to study and learn what I want here in the mission field.

 If you could in the next package would you please send be some beginnerish books for playing the piano? I guesss alot of Elders have learned how to play in the field and I don't know how I am going to, but I want to try also! :) time is already starting to fly! However, some days seem longer than others. ha

 Please tell Troy and Jamie thank you for their package I am definately going to be able to use everything they sent : )

I hadn't heard about the shooting, but that sounds absolutely devestating and it breaks my heart to hear something like that happening, but I do hope that it does help people realize how much more we need to put our trust in God like you said. Keep me updated on sister mckee I don't know if I can watch that sight but I will try and find out.

 Love you! praying for you all!
Elder Bell

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alright, so so sorry I couldn't write yesterday, but I was in the hospital with my companion ever since last wednesday night he has been very sick with dangue (a disease from mosquitoes). We haven't been able to leave the house since that wednesday and we admitted him into the hospital Sunday morning. Right now I am on an exchange with Elder Luque he is from Spain. It was really frustrating that Elder Huanca got sick at the time that he did because we had some investigators that were finally progressing and we were going to meet with, however we weren't able to leave for a long time.

 I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I am halfway through second Nephi now. One thing that I have realized about this exchange is that God has a plan in everything and he is probably testing my patience a little bit, but also I know that I wouldn't have been able to teach an entire lesson with Elder Luque in the barbershop today if Elder Huanca didn't get sick. We went to get our hair cuts and the man the was cutting my hair started asking lots of questions which I know had to be inspired because they were perfect and he is very interested in the church. We ended up teaching the restoration and parts of the plan of salvation during only the time that he was cutting my hair. I am just sad that I probably won't get to help teach him again because I will be back in my area soon.

Mom I need you to talk with the bank and make a plan for my debit card and I also need you to tell me MY skype account password and username and you need to use yours so we can talk on the 25th I don't have time to make a new account . I always knew dad likes you meatloaf alot haha .

That is so awsome about sierra! wow and I believe that about Chris he always told me he wanted to get baptized.

 I have a new goal that I am going to memorize a new scripture everyday so that I can really treasure up the words of the Lord and teach with power because the more often we use scriptures the easier it is to invite the spirit. And, you will love the new testament it is awesome. I love you!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

We have kind of a tough ward not alot of active members but we are doing our best and being positive!

 I need you to tell the bank that my card is in the DR and make a plan for it in case i need to use it... and you should accept the friend requests of a rodriguez and nuñez on my facebook :).

What else... oh yeah I have two packages from you and have been giving the pencils and erasers to the kids here and they love them and my companion loves the candy thanks mom! annnnd now we have a big TV after I am gone and a ping pong table!? NOt cool! haha I am going to be able to skype you one the 25th of december , but i need you to send me my skype account and your skype account if you can if you cannot find the paper with my acconts that i left you i will try to make a new one.

Man the music is crazy here always blasted aroung the clock everywhere! I got your dearelder about dad emmy and the balloon and it made my day hahahaha so funny.

Really am very happy to be here but it can get very discouraging.. how is brea? in my next package will you send me stamps I have enough for a while because i bought a bunch in the mtc but i would like more and i am not finding any here right now.. so our most promising investigator moved back to Haiti kind of a bummer not going to lie but we have lots of appointments every day just need to find the right people that are ready to receive the gospel at this point in their lives lots of praying and preparing is done in the process of bringing others to the gospel and I know that my companion and I cannot have success or help others without the gift of the Holy Ghost. We found one sister that says she knows we are called of God to help because she can feel he is there with us.. but she has alot of things that are worldly that are really slowing the process and distracting her from simple things like going to church reading scriptures and praying.

I hope you are all praying together! I miss being with our family and doing stuff like that. OOOHHH yeah and I have got to say I love the fruit here it is like forty cents for a pineapple and the same for a papaya or avacado ha one day I at two whole pineapples in one meal.. I was a little hungry. you should be getting more letters from me soon it is hard to remember all the things I want to say in such a short time. and It is easier to write letters for me because I can do that at our apartment. I love you so much mom and I am missing your food and learning to cook new things ha because my companion does not know much besides beans and rice. BY the way did you know how great sugar cane is just plain? amazing! tell kylie I love her and pray for her and her family! I got dad his scripture case and will be bringing it home for him! I definately miss snow more than anything in the time of year it is I think I like Idaho and the mountains more than just buildings everywhere and humidity. I love you mom and dad and brea brittan baylin and whoever else reads this! :) and you are all in my prayers! love you! Elder Bell

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