Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alright, so so sorry I couldn't write yesterday, but I was in the hospital with my companion ever since last wednesday night he has been very sick with dangue (a disease from mosquitoes). We haven't been able to leave the house since that wednesday and we admitted him into the hospital Sunday morning. Right now I am on an exchange with Elder Luque he is from Spain. It was really frustrating that Elder Huanca got sick at the time that he did because we had some investigators that were finally progressing and we were going to meet with, however we weren't able to leave for a long time.

 I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I am halfway through second Nephi now. One thing that I have realized about this exchange is that God has a plan in everything and he is probably testing my patience a little bit, but also I know that I wouldn't have been able to teach an entire lesson with Elder Luque in the barbershop today if Elder Huanca didn't get sick. We went to get our hair cuts and the man the was cutting my hair started asking lots of questions which I know had to be inspired because they were perfect and he is very interested in the church. We ended up teaching the restoration and parts of the plan of salvation during only the time that he was cutting my hair. I am just sad that I probably won't get to help teach him again because I will be back in my area soon.

Mom I need you to talk with the bank and make a plan for my debit card and I also need you to tell me MY skype account password and username and you need to use yours so we can talk on the 25th I don't have time to make a new account . I always knew dad likes you meatloaf alot haha .

That is so awsome about sierra! wow and I believe that about Chris he always told me he wanted to get baptized.

 I have a new goal that I am going to memorize a new scripture everyday so that I can really treasure up the words of the Lord and teach with power because the more often we use scriptures the easier it is to invite the spirit. And, you will love the new testament it is awesome. I love you!

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