I leave the mtc next tuesday! :) I won't have another p-day till the monday of the 26th so I can't email until then. So, here are the interesting things that have happened this week!
 We went on exchanges in the mission field last friday and are going again tomorrow my exchange companion's name is elder perschon he is from Spanish Fork Utah. We didn't have many appointment s with people because he works in the mission office, but we got to go tracting alot! I absolutely loved tracting it felt really good and I understood what was going on and for the most part I understood all of our contacts in the street. At one point a policeman stopped traffic to cross the road and chase us down because he wanted to talk with us. It was kind of intimidating because we didn't know what he wanted at first, but we ended up getting to talk with him about priesthood authority and he wanted to know what we think about resurrection and The spiritual world. He told us that he read the corin?( the holy book muhamad wrote) and he really wanted to know what we thought of muslims and if we believed in prophets what we think of muhamad. That is what brought up priesthood authority and Joseph Smith. He already had a book of Mormon and said that is hat he wants to read now that he finished the Corin. He explained to us that he really loves to read and we agreed with him that El Libro De Mormon is a very good next option :) ha. Also we had an appointment with a woman named Ulda. Her family basically has nothing they live in an abondoned building that is falling apart and had three chairs which they brought outside for us to sit on. Ulda and her husband Domingo had plans to get baptized a couple months ago, however Ulda doesn't have a birth certificate, and she does not have money to buy a birth certificate, and without that she cannot be legally married. An interesting thing was how happy she was even though it seemed as if she has nothing she was just working washing clothes and peeling potatoes and smiling while she worked. Also, she has read to fourth nephi in the Book of Mormon in about a month which is pretty impressive. She says it makes her feel good and happy and helps her in her life. I am interested to see if she has been keeping commitments with Elder perschon tomorrow like praying on her own and with her family. I got to share a message with her about family prayer and how it blesses us from 3 nephi chpt 18: verses 19- 12 last week and she promised she would pray with her family. I really miss family prayer. Well, we do have family prayer at the MTC, but it is a little bit different when it is 55 missionaries and I can't even remember everyone's name.
Oh I got Christmas care pakages from Elder and sis. Bell and also The Excell Family yesterday :) Don't worry I had my companion open them and take out any candy that could melt and then he closed the rest of the stuff back up with duct tape so I could open them on Christmas. I think the addresses I gave you for the mission office are alot faster than the ones adressed to the Mtc because that stuff only took a week. I love you guys!Tthink about you often! Here is the scripturee I want to share this week Helamen 10:4-6 I like looking at the things I have to do to be blessed and how the Lord can bless me if I do those things in these verses. Love, Elder Bell