Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

alright here i go haha just so you know i am using a spanish keyboard so i will not be using anything that has to do with grammer. So my companionis Elder Huanc, yes it sounds like wanka the candy bar. he is so cool he is from peru and does not speak any english. people talk so fast here you would not even believe it some i can understand and others i canot we do have two baptismal dates  and we usually have about 5 appointments each day and contact lots ofpeople every day. oneinvestigatorthati am very excited to meet with is jean bapist he is from haiti and is dying to learn more about the gospel. it is so crazy to me how many people do not have the gospel in there lives there is so much spiritual hunger here. also, i have had the opportunity of annoitning the oil for two blesssings of health within the first two odays boy was that scary ha. my area is just outside santo domingo it is caled mi hogar and there are not many active members here only like 30 which is not that bad but there are close to 50 inactive or more it is so sad that people stop their conversion process and become inactive i think it is mostly because people do not understand that faith is an action we have to do something to be faithful and do it right. <like praying reading scriptures and especialy attending church to partake of the sacrament. i got to present myself to the ward and bare  my testimony and just as excpected, i cried, but it was mostly for one purpose. I was testifying of the truthfulness of forever families and the spirit bore witness to me very powerfuly that the words which i was saying  are true. how amazing is it that i can be with my family for eternity. I canno lie I miss you al so much I miss goine to church with you eating dinner together praying together and doing things with you and sometimes i even get jealous of the people here that they get to be with their families right now. but then i have to recognize that i can be with the ones i love forever and the people here canot have that blessing in their lives unless i first share with them the truthfulness of eternal families so they can know the way through which they can also be sealed with their families. It is sad to think that for some the time they have with their family is only temporary. I amso grateful that i have parents that have raised me in the way that i can help others come unto christ and also return with honor to my father in heaven and live with my family forever. tell brittan to keep me updated on wrestling and life in general as wel as brittan and brea i love you guyus! oh also my house has electricity sometimes and our sink was realy fun to clean today ha that is all i wil say about that. i am eating pretty well but i want some recipies! if you could please send me some i can almost get a hold of anything, i wil probably send more pictures next time i dont havew much time to write today because we couldnt find a computer to use. i am really excited to serve the lord and iknow that our heavenly father wil bless our family and the wones i love the more faithfuly i serve. love you mom dad baya brea and brittan familias pueden ser eterna les quiero! Elder Bell also people cant pronounce my name kinda funny haha

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