Monday, November 12, 2012

November 7, 2012 DR MTC

I was really disappointed that Obabma won,. but my companion almost died.. It is a little bit frustrating when people think the world will end because of something like that. I have heard that marijuana is now legal in a lot of states is that true?
My week has gone pretty well I have been able to communicate with the ten district leaders and my use of Espanol has definately gotten better. Sometimes I have found that the only thing that can help me is prayer. For example, I had alot of questions this last fast sunday and my head was fuzzy and I wanted some guidance as to how I should study and I recieved all my answers as I faithfully fasted. Usually my answers either come through a prompting of the spirit or through guidance from my leaders. What's crazy is my leaders don't know what I am thinking or what exactly I have been praying about all week, but the spirit guides them to help all of us missionaries. One cool experience this week was that two elders were really struggling getting along one with another and only one had been teaching in lessons and not letting the other one speak. Their district leaders told us about this and the situation was getting really bad, in fact, one elder broke down crying in frustration because he couldn't teach in the middle of a lesson. When we got to speak with the leaders of that district I was able to speak spanish really well and bear a testimonyof the power of companionship prayer. Companionship prayer is what holds my comapanionship together throughout the week It is such a blessing and keeps peace between me and my companion and helps us so that we can help each other. there are a few scripures about the light of Christ that I read this week and really helped me. They are 3 Nephi 18: 16 d and c 67:13 3 nephi 27:27 . I know that I can be a light for others so that they can go unto Christ with the Spirit and the key to all of us having the light or spirit of Christ is Mosiah 3:19  The Holy Ghost is what helps us be like Christ. Actually it literally is Christ Strength and we can come unto Christ or be like him if we use it appropritely. My Question for you is ( because questions are how we learn and are converted  if we act to find the answer) how do we Appropriately and worthly use the holy Ghost there are a few things , but the primary verse of scripture which helped me in this process is D&C 82:10. I love all of you and enjoy the letters so much I pray for you and think of you often please keep writing me and telling me how your lives are going!
    love, Elder Bell

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