Monday, March 31, 2014


This week went well. Many of the lesson were very inspired and the baptisms at seven a clock sunday morning were so special I have pictures I want to send, but my memory card adaptor is not working in the moment. I may be buying a new one soon.

We had three baptisms sunday morning at seven a clock so we had to get up and call people at about five and it actually went really well it was a very nice experience being in the chapel early in the morning. The only thing that didn't go as planned was we didn't have the keys to the baptismal font so I got the privelege of climbing over the glass in front and opening the doors. It was pretty original. The Names of those who were baptized are Mercedez, Waldi, and Wuascar. Mercedez is sixty and Waldi is eleven his little brother is 9 years old. Waldi has been a great example for his little brother and really has a very strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. I find it very curious that the strongest spiritual moments I have had in the mission are often related to a child bearing a very small testimony. Sometimes I feel like I look all over the place trying to strengthen my testimony and just feel frustrated. Because at times I want to force myself to feel the peace the Holy Ghost brings and then in the moment I don't expect anything I have a small yet profound moment that calms me, and reminds me that I have felt what these people have felt before. There is a scripture in alma29.. I think verse 8 somewhere around there that explains what I mean and have felt.

This transfer ends next monday. If they transfer me again I will be very sad I love this area and want to stay. Although at times it is a very hard place to be because we are at the point where there are really great friends that are not really trying to push themselves or go to church and we need to move on looking for other people. The people in the country get attatched very quickly it is hard to explain to them why we will not be visiting them as often for the fear of offending them.

I Got some pictures and a card from Grandma and Grandpa Bell please thank them. I am very excited for general conference this weekend it should be a very great experience and it is my last GC for a while as a full time missionary. I will definately be looking for guidance as to what I need to be doing at this point of my life. I like the pictures of brittan's bald head ha he actually looks pretty good like that haha. I am trying to start a card to write to you all, but it has been very difficult to have time because of some of the troubles that we are having with missionaries in our zone we don't get a whole lot of personal time. I saw cole's pictures and he looks pretty happy he sent me a pretty long email this week filing me in on what's going on I appreciate that from him. We are all keeping in touch as we serve our missions it has been a cool experience. Love you have a great week :) elder Bell

Tuesday, March 25, 2014



This week was very hard we had a difficult experience with one of the people that was going to be baptized she has no problem with any commandments or anything however she has had a ton of opposition in the last two weeks and has had many people straight up tell her that she shouldn't get baptized. I guess we will see if she decides she will get baptized this week .If not I am worried that she won't be able to overcome the adversity that she has right now.

I have had a good time reading in Mosiah I read from chapter 5 to 16 this week and I learned quite a bit.

The happiest moment this week was when I had a lot of things I was worried about with the baptism and I was trying really hard just to be happy and as I read the scriptures I didn't necessarily feel a huge impression however I did have my mind feel cleared and I felt like a whole lot of stress was lifted from me.

This week there will be three baptisms at seven a clock in the morning.. don't ask why. there was just no other choice haha. So I am going to write you a letter this week since my letter wasn't quite as long and there is just too much to say. I love you and hope you have a great spring break :)

Monday, March 17, 2014


Well I am working hard and loving the mission. Things are going well. Right now we are having success it has been hard on me with all of the exchanges we have we have companionship exchanges twice a week because there are a few problems in the Zone.

 We went to the templeThis last week and I loved it the experience was wonderful after not entering for sixteen months. The covenants we make in the temple really help me have a good perspective on what is important in this life. I know that what I learn and who I am with makes a big difference in the attitude that I have and the goals that I have although it is not always very clear to me what my goals are and exactly what I want to do. I Want to learn to work hard and trust that the Lord will have prepared for me what I need and will prepare a way for me to be happy.

It was really cool to hear about you and mom's trip I am so glad you had fun. I feel really weird being adapted to this life. Please don't ask me about flight plans until I have one month left.  I don't want to think about that moment until it comes and we usually don't get told untill the last two months anyway.

I feel like I need to be humble and be ready for the changes that will come throughout my life. Sometimes I feel like I get tested very hard in my faith. I know that our faith must be tested and shall always be tested because it is what gives us hope. I don't believe That there can be any hope unless we remember Christ and all that he has done for us and remember that there is life after death that we will receive our award according to our works. He will fight for us as we fight to remember him. and we have to be sincere with our heavenly father in our prayers and at times he will humble us. Especially if we forget him after what he has given us. I have experience the pride cylce in my life when things go good in my world I think all about me. Then somethings changes and makes me realize that in all that time That I was thinking about myself I forget who I am serving as I am passing through this short test phase of life.

 I love you both very much I want to return to heavenly fathers presence and stand before the judgement bar knowing that I have given my mortal life to Him who allowed me to be who I am and decide what I wanted to do with it. Super excited for conference it will be a great time to think back on this last six months and see if I applied what I learned. and them get ready to finish this last six months strong. Love, Elder Bell

Monday, March 10, 2014


This week went well although I feel like there is a whole lot of work to do and some people are frustrating me with their agency... It is just strange we have some people that investigate and live the commandents and even testify that this is all true and that it has helped change their lives, but they just can't commit to get baptized. There is not much we can do about that and it is something I need to understand better, but sometimes I begin to wonder if I did something wrong or the person felt pressured or we didn't follow the spirit as we invited them. I don't know. I am very excited for the two people getting baptized on the 22nd of this month they have really done their part and it is amazing how much they have spiritually progressed in such a short amount of time.

 I am very excited for the temple trip we will have as a zone this thursday that will be the first time I have done and endowment session since I was in the MTC.

So, I have enjoyed making notes about the chapter headings in the book of Moses and then after doing that I have in mind what I would like to study and look for while I am reading the chapters. I have also read the 105th section of doctrine and covenants and I like verses 5 and six alot.

 My comp likes to get up early and read so I just exercise a little in the house. The schools are the same here the school day is just shorter and the best schools are the catholic schools.

 I love this ward it is extremely organized compared to where I have been I don't have a calling which has been nice we just go out and teach and often times members come with us and it is so much better that way. The spirit when members are there is awesome.

 I think I am losing weight again. We are working really hard and use our time really well so that involves alot of walking sometimes.

One of The things I like about having investigators and not having to contact because of references is that I have learned to teach better because we spend the majority of the time teaching now. Our Zone is having some problems with following the schedule so that has been fun to deal with. ha we have to comp exchanges every week so that we can get to know the missionaries better and help them set goals and help them work on following the schedule to study. One thing that I never want to stop doing is studying the scriptures every day I know that the reason I need to get up early in the morning to study is so that I will be able to keep that habit for the rest of my life.

So Tate and Bradford are in the same mission aren't they? I washed my shirts today and every single one had bad pit stains... I do not know what to do about that because I washed them a second time with stain stick and if they stay the same I might be buying at least a couple of new shirts pretty soon. We play something called bitillas now instead of soccer because none of my housemates like soccer. I am sure it is on youtube if you want to see what it is like just type in Bitillas the dominican Republic  and there should be something there.

 I love you Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I think my favorite thing is just working and doing it while communicating with my companion.  I love being in a house of four because I get to be really close with the other missionaries and it is way fun. I have enjoyed teaching them to cook pancakes and to make a dominican rice recipe. I have had to adjust a little bit here because a few of the investigators really want to get baptized, but they are young and we have had to repeat lots of things many times. I enjoyed the testimony meeting this last sunday. But I think what I liked the most was that I got to bless the sacrament for the first time in a while it was kind of funny because I have never been in a chapel that is very up to date. And I forgot there was a microphone like in the chaples where we live . I said the sacrament prayer without a mike and then felt kind of silly when the bishop almost asked me to do it again because I forgot the MIcrophone. My companion has 14 months, he is from Vera cruz and he is very quiet and very obedient we get along well although we are a little different from each other he likes computers and stuff like that alot and not sports and you know how I am with computers haha.I don't really have a favorite person.......... the ward mission leader is really cool at the end of the last ward council we had he offered the closing prayer and asked that the refreshments would be blessed. we were confused because it was nine at night and no one ever brings refreshments. and when he finished he pulled candy out of his pockets and everybody started laughing really hard. I am super happy to hear about Kaden I have written him a couple times and hope he is doing well. It is nice to here about how awesome brittan is doing I wish I could have seen him represent. I am happy and I believe God is happy with what I am doing. I Love you and hope work is going well I am glad the tournament wasn't too stressful this year. Love, Elder Bell
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Het Dad Britt I am glad the tournament went well I am proud of Brittan that is really awesome! I am excited to have fun in the wrestling room when I get home haha hopefully missions don't get extended to three years because if I had the choice in this moment I think I would take My other year. So what you going to do instead of lacrosse? Tennis? or track? Baseball?:) that would be pretty cool I love you both have a great week!