Monday, April 28, 2014


A little thought from Elder Bell on being careful while using social media, especially sending messages to people and not telling them it is us.  Brea was sent some messages by a good friend this week that really scared her and her sweet friend was in a lot of trouble for trying to be funny.

We don't always think clearly before we do what we do. that is a little freaky about what was going on with Brea. Satan is tricky whatever thing we do anonimously we should think it through really well because we are not ourselves when people don't know what we are doing or when we have a mask on. We have to be the same person in the dark that we are in the light.

I Love being a missionary I know that I have been ordained to preach to those who are ready to receive. I feel spiritually rejuvenated.. if that is how it is spelled, and I am going to be finishing on a tank full of gas I don't plan on coasting. I don't ever want to just coast in my life ever again. We had to leave a lot of investigators behind. they stopped doing their part. It hurts really bad, but if they can't commit themselves then there is nothing else we can do for them besides invite testify and promise blessings.

I am super excited for Bay's graduation announcement I think I do get to skype really soon I will let you know next monday when. I am going to mow lawns when I get back ! :) and I am a little tired of this heat haha it is getting hotter every day I hope I come back white and not sun burnt. Love you Mom and DAd and Baylin and Brittan! have a great week!

Monday, April 21, 2014


This is Denise, Elder Bell's mom.  As you can see, Brennan really didn't write too much this week. Actually, Brennan, when you read this, go to your file on my email account and read what you sent me.  It was personal in nature, it was written to his dad and I and because of this I chose not to share it on this public site.    But this is what I can share publically.  He can't just come out and say when he will return home, oh no way, he has to make me do the math and figure it out.  He has 4 weeks left in this transfer.  4 weeks and 4 weeks and 8 weeks and 6 weeks!  Ugh 5 and a half months left.  I was sure we were down to less than 5.  Such a small amount of time in the whole picture really though and he is soooo happy.  I wouldn't want to rush the Lords time!
Are you telling me I don't get to go to Stihl's fairwell?! dang it well I am happy for him I hope he loves his experience. 
 The week of easter is crazy here lots of people getting drunk and filling up big inflatable pools and putting them in the street and partying. Sometimes I feel that my spirit gets exhausted here because of all of the craziness it isn't easy in moments to deal with all of the noise.
Our transfers are still every six weeks. However, the next transfer will be four weeks because we are getting a new mission president. Then the next transfer will be eight weeks and I will finish on one last transfer of six weeks. It really is a long time, but compared to the time I have spent here it is nothing. Love you both say hi to everyone.
 Also, if you get time I am getting worried that my contacts aren't going to last the rest of the mission because the last pair was broken when I opened it. If you could send me a few pairs that would be excellent. My prescription is -1.25 Love you have a good week :)

Monday, April 14, 2014


We have a ton of sisters we have eight. I am still in the same area so not a lot has change we still have a nice chapel and the only missionaries that have a car in the Dominican Republic are the elders that work in the office. The zone has much more excitement now because they moved a bunch of elders that weren´t doing much to other areas.

 wow good to know she, Jessica his cousin, got married after it happened haha how old is her husband?

The new members in the zone are awesome it has only been a week so we are still trying to get to know them. I really apreciate fast sunday because I was needed some spiritual nourishment and I definately feel that I received what I needed to keep me alive and working hard and happily.

 I got a hair cut with scissors for the first time in a while today so my head doesn´t look quite as weird still though feels different.  I am doing pretty well just really trying to continue to learn at times I feel that I am not as humble as I should be so I am going to be working more on being humble and studying and praying a little about that. I read an article that I really enjoyed about having our eye single to the glory of God in this months liahonna  and I enjoyed it a whole lot.

I hope that everything goes well as you are all coming to the end of the schol year. I do have a question about something though.... what happened to the Little Rams Wrestling club? does it still exist orrr? just curious.

The mission is a great experience and a wonderful way to find out what we really care about and learn how to not be selfish.  Usually if I feel unhappy it is because I am thinking and acting selfishly.  I love you all a bunch and hope that this week treats you well. Love you mom and dad. Love, Elder Bell

Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Kidding, heres the letter 4/7/2014

Today at 3:34 PM
Well for the first time in my mission I get to stay in an area for more than three months ha I am a little bit nervous now because I am used to changing so often I hope I don´t start to just fall into a routine in the things I do.
Conference was great, however I miss hearing the actual voices of the Prophet and the apostles sometimes instead of an interpreter. I am with my same companion Elder Martinez from mexico. We are doing well, sometimes we are pretty awkward as companions, but we both have desire to work and help each other to be obedient. In this last conference I did not have any huge moments where I was totally blown away. That is how all the other ones have felt up until this point. This time I just felt good there was one talk that spoke about a topic that I needed to hear I had been thinking about that topic for a large amount of time and everything that was said in the talk was familiar to me I had been studying it. That talk was definately a confirmation of the truthfulness of what I wanted to have a stronger testimony of.
 Our zone just got changed up a lot and I am a little relieved because more than half our zone were elders that were with more than eighteen months that were just dead and some of them kind of negative all thinking about going home. I don´t know what it is about that last six months, but to me that is still a very long time and I don´t get why some people think it is so little. The fact is that we still have to live day by day or we will let the time slip by and often lose time and precious moments if we are too worried thinking about the future then we might find ourselves robbed of today. Of course our goals and future desires are very important we must think of them and review them.I am grateful for the freedom to choose and make goals. When I haven´t had goals in the mission is when I have had difficulties and have felt sad or stressed out.
I loved the talk that talked about the joy of carrying burdens and I can´t remember who said it, but I know it is true that resistence on our back that strengthens us reallly lifts us up. I also  loved the talks about the restoration and the statement that there will always be more opposition against the truth because it is the truth.
 I finally am working out every day again... almost ha I have struggled with that because I feel like we are constantly moving and it is at times crazy to see how much we can do in just one day if we are determined and active and value our time. Thank you for writing me. It is uplifting for at times I feel very distant and isolated. I have been gone from my real home for a while. It seems like a dream that I was there. Love you, Elder Bell

New Pictures :) No letter :(