Monday, April 14, 2014


We have a ton of sisters we have eight. I am still in the same area so not a lot has change we still have a nice chapel and the only missionaries that have a car in the Dominican Republic are the elders that work in the office. The zone has much more excitement now because they moved a bunch of elders that weren´t doing much to other areas.

 wow good to know she, Jessica his cousin, got married after it happened haha how old is her husband?

The new members in the zone are awesome it has only been a week so we are still trying to get to know them. I really apreciate fast sunday because I was needed some spiritual nourishment and I definately feel that I received what I needed to keep me alive and working hard and happily.

 I got a hair cut with scissors for the first time in a while today so my head doesn´t look quite as weird still though feels different.  I am doing pretty well just really trying to continue to learn at times I feel that I am not as humble as I should be so I am going to be working more on being humble and studying and praying a little about that. I read an article that I really enjoyed about having our eye single to the glory of God in this months liahonna  and I enjoyed it a whole lot.

I hope that everything goes well as you are all coming to the end of the schol year. I do have a question about something though.... what happened to the Little Rams Wrestling club? does it still exist orrr? just curious.

The mission is a great experience and a wonderful way to find out what we really care about and learn how to not be selfish.  Usually if I feel unhappy it is because I am thinking and acting selfishly.  I love you all a bunch and hope that this week treats you well. Love you mom and dad. Love, Elder Bell

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