Monday, April 28, 2014


A little thought from Elder Bell on being careful while using social media, especially sending messages to people and not telling them it is us.  Brea was sent some messages by a good friend this week that really scared her and her sweet friend was in a lot of trouble for trying to be funny.

We don't always think clearly before we do what we do. that is a little freaky about what was going on with Brea. Satan is tricky whatever thing we do anonimously we should think it through really well because we are not ourselves when people don't know what we are doing or when we have a mask on. We have to be the same person in the dark that we are in the light.

I Love being a missionary I know that I have been ordained to preach to those who are ready to receive. I feel spiritually rejuvenated.. if that is how it is spelled, and I am going to be finishing on a tank full of gas I don't plan on coasting. I don't ever want to just coast in my life ever again. We had to leave a lot of investigators behind. they stopped doing their part. It hurts really bad, but if they can't commit themselves then there is nothing else we can do for them besides invite testify and promise blessings.

I am super excited for Bay's graduation announcement I think I do get to skype really soon I will let you know next monday when. I am going to mow lawns when I get back ! :) and I am a little tired of this heat haha it is getting hotter every day I hope I come back white and not sun burnt. Love you Mom and DAd and Baylin and Brittan! have a great week!

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