Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Kidding, heres the letter 4/7/2014

Today at 3:34 PM
Well for the first time in my mission I get to stay in an area for more than three months ha I am a little bit nervous now because I am used to changing so often I hope I don´t start to just fall into a routine in the things I do.
Conference was great, however I miss hearing the actual voices of the Prophet and the apostles sometimes instead of an interpreter. I am with my same companion Elder Martinez from mexico. We are doing well, sometimes we are pretty awkward as companions, but we both have desire to work and help each other to be obedient. In this last conference I did not have any huge moments where I was totally blown away. That is how all the other ones have felt up until this point. This time I just felt good there was one talk that spoke about a topic that I needed to hear I had been thinking about that topic for a large amount of time and everything that was said in the talk was familiar to me I had been studying it. That talk was definately a confirmation of the truthfulness of what I wanted to have a stronger testimony of.
 Our zone just got changed up a lot and I am a little relieved because more than half our zone were elders that were with more than eighteen months that were just dead and some of them kind of negative all thinking about going home. I don´t know what it is about that last six months, but to me that is still a very long time and I don´t get why some people think it is so little. The fact is that we still have to live day by day or we will let the time slip by and often lose time and precious moments if we are too worried thinking about the future then we might find ourselves robbed of today. Of course our goals and future desires are very important we must think of them and review them.I am grateful for the freedom to choose and make goals. When I haven´t had goals in the mission is when I have had difficulties and have felt sad or stressed out.
I loved the talk that talked about the joy of carrying burdens and I can´t remember who said it, but I know it is true that resistence on our back that strengthens us reallly lifts us up. I also  loved the talks about the restoration and the statement that there will always be more opposition against the truth because it is the truth.
 I finally am working out every day again... almost ha I have struggled with that because I feel like we are constantly moving and it is at times crazy to see how much we can do in just one day if we are determined and active and value our time. Thank you for writing me. It is uplifting for at times I feel very distant and isolated. I have been gone from my real home for a while. It seems like a dream that I was there. Love you, Elder Bell

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