Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elder Madird and Elder Sosa


Well, that week went fast very fast, I enjoyed it very much. It was a little bit better after saturday we got some rest and today we went and played soccer for a long time with all of the missionaries. The Kind of stress here is different that just being in the missionfield all of the bills and that stuff can be very frustrating when it doesn't go smoothly. We were able to go and teach yesterday and we had some good lessons. We are now in the richest part of the mission so contacting is a little bit like being back in Aruba or Bonaire again. Most of the places are just big nice conduminiums and besides that just masnion looking houses where company owners live. It is strange being in a ward that everyone gets here in their own car and they get here late anyway. Dominican Island time is way behind.

 I have been reading the general conference talks and one of them has been very good for me lately...actually two of them if you get time to look at them and really ponder upon the words that are said I know that it can be a blessing in your lives. one is called "Bear up their burdens with ease" by Elder Bednar and "I have given you an example" By Richard G. Scott.. the other talk that I had been needing to hear and answered a few questions it was in the preisthood session titled "The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood" by Dallin H. Oaks. Please dedicate a little bit of time to relax and feel the peace of mind and spirit these words of apostles bring. We all need to be a little nourished spiritually every day.

 Love you, very much I hope that this summer starts and ends great and as you are hoping it will. It is my last summer here as a full time missionary and I am grateful for it. I am content with myself. But it is not over and I can't be too content or I might stop becoming what I have the potential to become. I love the short phrase in Elder Bednar's talk "It was the load"  peace isn't having the load taken of of us. I hope I can carry my load with Him.  Love, Elder Bell

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Mom! I have time to write I think haha :) so this week transfers were basically starting from Sunday until Tuesday in the night time and I am still feeling the effects of the loss of sleep :) big schedule change for me. at 1 in the morning on Monday we got a call that we had to take a missionary to the Hospital then we spent the night there at the Hospital. we got home at 4 in the morning and slept until seven thirty then we took the missionary back to the hospital to meet with the Doctor. We got to the office at 12 in the afternoon we did a lot of random busywork and then we left to pick up some missionaries from the airport.  we slept in the MTC that night and woke up at three in the morning to take the missionaries that are finishing home then we went back to the MTC to pick up the new missionaries and take them to meet their trainers. After that we gave presentations and helped missionaries get to their areas. The part that I loved was that the last thing wedid was we got to take some elders out to their areas that I had never visited one was in Monte Plata and the Other was in Sabana Gran de Boya. That was awesome they live in the mountains and everything is green  those Elders are so lucky to have those areas they have very nice chapels and lots of active members also.I apologize that I wasn't able to write sooner it is just the first and last weeks of transfers are a little bit difficult. Lots of times we get interrupted and have to do busy work other times. We are working hard and we had something cool happen last week. An investigator went to church with a member and in just a week read the first 20 chapters of the Book of Mormon. He is doing very well, however has a lot of questions pertaining to things that are important, but not as important as some other basic knowledge I really hope that he can focus on his prayers and understand that if the Book of Mormon is the word of God then the message this church carries is a message that brings truth and clarity to a world of confusion. I Have really grown to love the Book of Mormon and it brings me peace...I have read quite a few other books in my life and I receive joy and feel certain emotions while I have read them, but the peace that comes from the scriptures is something that I cannot compare with any other wordly thing. It is a blessing to be serving and persisting in sharing the gospel with others and seeing the tests I am passing and my weaknesses I need those weaknesses to bring me back to earth because there are so many distractions in this life that for moments, sometimes brief and sometimes long,  that we disconnect from our spiritual identity as children of God and we have to be reminded that we depend upon Him as the rock of our salvation. Love you ,

Elder Bell

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

05142014 MOTHERS DAY

It was so great to talk with you all  on Sunday! I am very happy that we were able to talk.  I am sorry that this week I will probably not have a whole lot of time to write because transfers. that are coming next week..... I am so grateful for your support and I am excited to hear about how the state tournaments go this weekend. I do think that they would melt a little bit, Idaho Spud Bars) however that is not a problem because we have a freezer that can fix that problem. ;) I am very glad that Brea is excited to follow through with that commitment. I am sending some pictures to all of you tomorrow when I come into the office because I don't have time tonight. I love you so much thank you for everything you have done to teach and protect me. I will have my brother and sisters in my prayers I think of them often. Have a great week :)

, Elder Bell
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Monday, May 5, 2014


Alright well, good news is it will be really easy to connect for skype on mothers day because I am going to start working in the mission office starting tomorrow president called me yesterday and let me know that I am going to be taking care of finances in the office most likely until I finish the mission. It is very strange that they called me into the office with the small amount of time I have left and they made the change two weeks early so I was very very surprised. I will have a very crazy schedule from now on and have to help alot with transfers. The good part is that I should have a really easy time with finding a computer where I can skype the family I just have no idea what my schedule is like now so I cannot tell you exactly when yet I will tell you as soon as I can. I am happy, but also sad because we found the most awesome family and the mother and father went to church yeterday and the mom asked the Bishop in a class what she had to do to be baptized and how soon, then she bore an amazing testimony in relief society.. all of the sisters are asking us if they can go and visit her with us. and trust me that is not common in the mission for sisters or members in general to ask. The family loved the church and I am certain that some point in the future they will be baptized.I am happy that I left some cool investigators for the next Elders.

I have a goal for before I get home I want to read the Book of MOrmon two more times and doctine and covenants once before I get back. I am Excited because my companion will be Elder Tirado he is the elder that was in the same house with me in Los Llanos in San Pedro. He is an awesome Elder . I am super happy to hear that prom went well... However I would like to see the picture of how brittan looked with Jordan? haha how did they match?;) Fast and testimony meeting was a blessing yesterday it really is a blessing every month I love it I love being able to fast and donate to those who need more than I do. I am Very happy and I love you all and pray for you often. I will write you next week Love you! :)