Some really awesome news is that Railey our 21 year old investigator is getting baptized this weekend in the ocean! So excited for him and then inJjune he is going to study in Holland and there is a temple there! So we are talking about that with him alot. Elder Montgomery will baptize him. We started teaching him like four weeks ago. He was a reference that was just really ready. When we asked him who he wanted to baptize him out of the branch he said " one of you two...but I am gonna flip a coin" ha he is pretty funny I love being around him.
Today we totally went hunting for iguanas to barbeque with an investigator and we found HUGE ones but they always got away hiding in this big mounds of cactuses so....that was disappointing.
Something else cool that happened in aruba was that the first chapel out here on the islands was dedicated yesterday. I hope I go there after Coraseau. Also we had fifty two people in church yesterday even though our branch president and senior missionary couple were in Aruba which is pretty awesome.They haven't had that many here in a while. We have been trying hard to establish good relationships with inactives and get them back to church. One of the reasons they left is because native islanders don't like that the branch speaks spanish it should be papiamentu so all the leaders basically speak papiamentu and we do, but there are some stubborn mamers with language here. Slowly everybody is getting a clue and converting over though the only problem is that the Book of mormon isn't even finished in the native language here.
What else... oh yeah yesterday I had to be the translator for a really bad misunderstanding about an American member and a spanish member that sold him a car and it was really uncomfortable because there were misinterpretations all over the place from the deal they made six weeks ago and they were both very upset but it ended up working out alright..
Tomorrow is a a very big day for this island it is rincon day the Queen of Holland's Birthday and supposedly everybody comes here to one city from the three islands and basically have a huge parade and a packed street with lots of cool things to buy and food to eat and we have been told we basically have to go and contact there and learn more about the culture so that will be a cool opportunity.
 I still haven't had the opportunity to kill the bird soooo I will keep you updated on that, and elder Montgomery leaves to Aruba this week and I will be here with Elder Thornock from Wyoming he seems really cool and a bit quieter than elder Montgomery. Sounds like Brea is tearing it up in track the hurdles are awesome! and same with Brittan in lacrosse.
 Suprisingly I get the mail decently fast here so keep sending letters when you can :) I wish I was there to talk with you about those lessons and everything mom I really enjoy that too :) love you!