Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Sunday - 4/8/2013

I hope to write down all my thoughts from conference for you guys in a letter soon I am going to get to work on that.

This week has been a little difficult but also rewarding we had almost ten investigators come to at least one session of conference. But wow ha last monday and tuesday we probably made close to 75 contacts and did not get into a single house. Dutch people are all over this island and they are atheists for the most part. Something kind of interesting is Elder Montgomery said is that he hadn't contacted more than three dutch people's houses in his last transfer and we have easily found fifty. But, wednesday after getting shut down all morning we found a dtuch family that is Christian and is looking for a church to go to..that is very rare here. so that was uplifting.

We kind of whitewashed the island because the three progressing investiagators from last transfer all went for a month long vacation at the same time, but they get back in two weeks so hopefully we can continue teaching them when they get back. We have had some really great people that have lets us in the end of this week so I know God is rewarding us for our work and we will keep contacting people here until we have contacted all 15,000 natives on this island. I now truly understand what it means to have a door shut in your face and have people that yell at you to go away when you apporach their house, and the result is feeling alot of sorrow for the person who does not want to accept the message of God. I can't understand why people wouldn't want to be blessed by God in their lives. I know they don't realize how much they can be blessed because of a little bit of ignorance that has been taught to them by their parents. I feel like the main way to show others how they can be blessed is by living as happily as we can and serving others so they can feel the countenance that surrounds those who do the work of God. In the priesthood session Dieter F. Utchdorf said we need to be healers of men and minister among them by our examples.( somebody else said something like that in priesthood session too that talked about a girl named shai but can't remember kind of mixing them) We need to minister and heal others spirits through how we live and act.

I love you all so much and miss you, but I am very content to be here sharing with strangers pictures of my family and how happpy we are and blessed we are by the gospel of Jesus Christ which has been restored. Love you Family, Elder Bell

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