Monday, April 15, 2013


Right now I am pretty sure we have investigators from at least seven different countries One of my favorite things is visiting with them about their different customs and everything. Today is a little interesting all we wanted to do was go buy a bunch of fruit so we could make smoothies every night because elder Montgomery wants to diet, but the missionaries that are in charge of our money only sent a hundred dollars which is what it takes to pay for water and light.... so we definately aren't buying food today.... little frustrating we were really looking forward to that. Funny moment of the week: we locked ourselves out of our house and I tried to fit through the only window that opens into our house and I failed I will take a picture to show how big it is, but for sure is not any longer than my hand needless to say I didn't fit and we ended up needing a child in one of our investigators houses to squeeze through and do it....and he fit easy , but was not happy with us ha so I am probably giving him my frisbee since he really likes it and it is so windy here I can't use it anyway. Also I am so eating barbecued iguana this weekend! our investigator we found yesterday wants to cook for us after a service project and it is very exciting!

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