Monday, April 15, 2013

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words - 4-15-2013

Elder Bell must have spent all of his time on the computer sending pictures today.  He didn't say too much but these pictures are worth a thousand words!

Here are the pictures hope you enjoy them :) I am really loving it here and learning alot of new things I think of you all often and miss you but I am glad we can at least stay in contact have a wonderful week! LOve you!

Sooooo about saving to come here it is really cool but just for diving and wind surfing I am going to send some cool pictures this is a desert island in Bonaire then I go to Coraseu then Aruba most likely so save for Aruba :) haha this last week was good we found a cave and explored it for a couple hours I will send pictures of that too. I hope I find a way to send letterrs for you all soon. We have a few awesome investigators and one's name is Railey he is twenty one and pays for everything for his family and works all the time. He all speaks some amazing english! It is really impressive he just doesn't feel like he can express himself in papiamentu like he can in english so he likes it more. He has been taught by missionaries before, but couldn't go to church because he had work on Sundays but he stopped and has made every commitment he needs to to be baptised on the seventh of May so we are really excited! This Sunday I got to translate for all the people that speak english and that was really interesting, but I really enjoyed it. I am gonna start putting pictures on now I will write more :)

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