Monday, April 22, 2013


We have been doing really well this island is starting to show a lot of promise we have three HUGE families of less and in actives with non members we are working with. one from the DR and one from peru!
 We also have a baptismal interview for an investigator named railey he is awesome he is preparing to go to school in holland in june and will be baptized may fourth :) He writes music with his friends has hundreds of songs I am trying to get some music downloaded on a Cd to send to you all!
Sad day, the people we did service for definately made fish instead of iguana so I have still not had the opportunity to try it. We had such a cool activity friday and had thirteen investigators come almost more than the memebers that came! and I got destroyed by all the dominicans in dominos I swear they always know all the pieces that everybody has.
 Yesterday I had the best first lesson I have had so far in my mission he seems very receptive and asked so many perfect questions something cool that we did at the start of the lesson was I always keep a family proclamation to the world in my scripture case with my pictures of you all( by the way please send me more pictures in the mail when you can and also did you get my pictures in the emails?) and he got really excited when I gave him my FPTTW and said I need my whole family to be hear this message about Christ's church and his prophet and apostles being here again is very important from me when can we come to church? It was pretty awesome.
 I do not know how the mail works but it is about every six weeks and I am trying to send hand written things from me but still don't really know how. I love you family and hope everything is going well! Elder Bell

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