Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mid Week Surprise via Cassidy mail

 So I have started doing this thing in my journal every week where every Sunday I write down the funny things that have happened or important things I shouldn't forget because some nights I don't get everything in soooooo here are some of them:

 1 This week while contacting we came up to a protestant pastor's house and he told us he already knew everything about our religion because he has books about us so we told him the only real way to really know about our religion for sure was through talking to missionaries and we wanted to see what he knew.. all he said was you put a golden angel on all of your buildings..listen I don't want to get into the history of all of it and confuse you so have a good afternoon. We bore our testimonies, he seemed suprised at what we said and walked away and what I then said made Elder Montgomery laugh very hard because to him it sounded like a threat. I had seen a sign by his door that said count your blessings so as he said goodbye I pointed to it and said keep counting your blessings and we rode our bikes clue why I said that but definately wasn't trying to threaten anyone... I am totally going back with my next comp he totally told me he wants to go

2 We have a nine year old investigator that really wants to get baptized because she believes in the church but we also had to clarify that a baptism isn't a party yesterday because her friend in the catholic church had a crown and a pretty dress for when she got baptized also her sisters are inactive members that have been coming back to church and they tease her so much because she always tries to hug us and we aren't allowed.

 3 There is a bird on our balcony that won't stop pooping on our washer and dryer... we are plotting to kill it.

4 The Rapunzel song when she is cleaning on one of the Cd's has now been claimed the P-day song because it fits the first half of our day very well.

.5 We have mission permission to watch The Other Side of  Heaven with our branch tonight!

6Ttoday was the first day in a week that I had a dream about wrestling.  A week I think is the longest I have gone.

 7 Ttoday I ate ten dutch cookies called stroop waffles and I am pretty sure I won't be doing that again because after the sugar buzz I crash hard. Besides that, We have had a lot of good progress with investigators and families.

 Love you K! Elder Bell

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