Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter - 3/31/2013

Alright so right now I am in an Island called Bon aire. All the people do here are work really hard if they live here or wind surf all day and scuba dive if they are tourists. I will be sending pictures of our little adventures next week. Pretty amazing to be here and I am still just settling in but I will try and tell you some cool things that I remember from the week.

Right now we usually ride bikes everywhere unless we get a flat( which happens often because this is a desert island and there are a ton of cactuses and poky thins here. Kinda of stinks because we aren't allowed to use our money from the church. I have to use personal money.  I am really hoping I don't get a lot of flat tires. one of the biggest changes here is that everything is expensive so we now can have lunch appointments and ...I am going to get fat they feed us alot of really good food really really good food. The other day we were making contacts before an appointment we had with an awesome investigator and when we call her to see if we could still go by she say YES! and hurry hurry Elders I made something and it is better habichuelas con dulce it is BETTER! haha she was freaking out. and when we got there there was two bowls sitting on the table that when put together would just about equal the amount of mashed potatoes our family eats on Sundays not exaggeration whatsoever. I had to force it all down my throat and could barely move the rest of the day that was right after lunch. Something that is really cool about this place is that they speak four languages here. The main one and native one being papiamentu which is a mix of spanish dutch, portugues, English and I think and ittty bitty of french and then spanish, dutch , and english. my papiamentu is pretty decent, but It messes with my spanish. When I get done learning papiamentu I get to start working on dutch which sounds pretty hard but I am always going to keep focusing on spanish.

My companion is really awesome and full of of energy, his name is Elder Montgomery and he is from a city that is five hours from houston texas. He has one transfer more than me in the islands and has thirteen months in the mission. He told me I got sent out here really fast. Every p day we get the car to go do fun things and today we drove around the whole island and also went to a place where I was going to eat goat brain but they didn't have it today so next time. I got this soup tribe soup which I am pretty sure had intestine in it but it tasted really good. My schedule for the islands the next nine months I think will go like this two transfers here then I know I have two transfers in curacou then I with most likely have two transfers in aruba then back to the DR because we basically are only allowed three months on each Island for our visas. There are wild donkeys and goats everywhere out here so that was pretty similar to the DR but something different is that it is so so quiet here like a ghost town and very hard to contact but we are really working hard to get people to conference. We have three hardcore adventists that are investigators so I know officially know every chapter in the bible that the seventh day we should rest haha one of them can look at any hymn in our hymn book and play it on the guitar and he speaks five languages. So all the dutch people are atheist pretty much every but except for our branch president's wife and one other lady named eli that is in our ward.

We got to go up on a mountain that over looks the island and hide easter eggs for an easter egg hunt at 6 in the morning which was pretty fun. Also something new here is we do  sacrament meetings in spanish but there are americans and dutch people that are here for medical school that don't speak that so our branch has head phones and we as missionaries get to translate for eveyone. That was very hard I hope I get better at it. That is all I have got for now.

My heart goes out to the Kunz's family.  Tell our dear Bishop, please let him know that I love him and he really helped me prepare for the mission... So mom here is a favor I have got to ask could you maybe get me Braelin Yearsely's email again? I lost it.. Well that is all for now I love you all! Elder Bell

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