It is awesome that you will all be getting this news together I have been working on postcards to send to all my awesome aunts and uncles so hopefully I will get those done before I get to the office because supposedly in the Islands I won't be having many opportunites to receive or send mail...I am really in awe still and can't completely comprehend the opportunity that I now have and I feel privileged to go serve somewhere new and to know that the Lord trusts me to go there and work hard :) The only sad thing is the friends I have made this last two weeks in the DR are really progressing and I wish I could be here to see them progress and grow spiritually.
Supposedly I get to work out in a gym that is in our apartments don't know if that is true but if it is I am excited for that! Right now I am just waiting for my garments to dry and going in to the capital tonight to sleep. Our zone leader Elder Brown just gave me his sweet Idaho potatoes tie and Elder Bullen gave me his pilsbury dough boy tie pretty awesome :) I don't know if I will be calling you all or not but you might want to be ready for that because sometimes we have to fly to the states in miami and then fly down to the islands. don't have a whole lot of other things to say right now but I will have a lot of new information for you all next monday Love all of you so much you are always in my prayers! Love, Elder Bell