Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

We are doing very well this week we have had many appointments and have become much better at teaching together. My companion is getting over some parasites in his stomach and we might be able to work a little harder now I hope.

Something pretty special that happened this week was that we were visiting an investigator who is waiting to get married officially so she can be baptized. She has four children that are members and her neighbors asked her to take care of their children for a couple days while they went to take care of something in another city. Well that was more than fourty days ago and the parents havent come back or contacted this investigator named Ramona so that is really hard on her and I am getting worried that the parents dumped them there and arent coming back...but one of the three year old children was very sick this last week and wasnt getting up to play or eating much and Ramona asked us to give a blessing for the sick to her. I got to give the actual blessing and it was very stressful for me but when I gave the blessing it all went well and then we went home. Ramona just told us yesterday that five minutes after we left the little girl stood up and played and hasnt felt sick since then hasnt had any problems at all. Pretty amazing that God blessed Ramona because she really needed that help in that moment and I believe God helped her because she was willing to ask for a blessing.

 Also this week my companion and I have really been teaching better together which answered my prayers because I felt as though we werent doing that very well. My comp is from Logan utah and has 18 months in the mission field he is the youngest of three children and his parents got divorced right before the mission he does motocross and really likes basketball he went to Bear river high school and graduated in 2010.

Today I bought six magos for only a dollar in american money and I am very excited about that :)

 I have been working hard to write you all letters this week I hope you can thank mandy for the care packages she has sent me and tell them I love them I want to write camie though becuase they have sent me acouple letters so please get me their adress also I need to write Grandma and Grandpa this week.

We have so many investigators right now that could be baptized but one small this happens like they arent married or they have work on sundays and cant find another job and it is really frustrating. but I know success isnt measured by baptisms in fact we have helped a less active sister become completely active in the church and now she is bringing her friend to church every week and her friend is really enjoying the lessons with us also the husband and son of her friend they just need to get legally marrried

Today I found Idaho potatoes! and I bought red potatoes so I am excited to eat that too. kinda sad though because I left my measuring cups in my old area and Elder Huanca hasnt sent them yet...what something that has changed in this mission is I guess the old miss prez really only focused on baptisms and oftetimes people werent even ready to be baptized so this president has been really good at and strict with the requirements that must be done before baptism the amount of baptisms eash month used to be 200 and now it is about 50 to 60 on average. Welp that is all I have for now love you Family! :)

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