Monday, February 25, 2013

To Brittan (Monday after State)

Wow britt i am so happy for you! :) sounds like you sucked it up that is awesome and i knew you would do something incedible this weekend i have been waiting all day to read your email! I hope you dont forget how you felt this tournament and the things you have learned from wrestling this year try and apply them in your life :)
I wish i could be there supporting you I was really hoping you could use those scriptures to help you and i am so glad you love seminary and reading scriptures that is impressive :)
 so who won your weightthe post falls kid? or a sepian twin? ah doesnt matter haha i am just so glad you came out and finished third like a man it is a very hard thing to do and i was suprised i handled it so well last year. The only reason i think i handled it that way was because God was guiding me to learn what i needed to. I hope someday i can talk with you more about that love you britt so much keep living up this part of your life but first of all remember how special and loved you are. Remember how much you love your sisters and parents, and take advantage of this time with them because once your mission comes it is time to be a grown up and I have recently realized that I will never have the life I knew before again love you brother dont forget it! :) Elder Bell

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