Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb. 4, 2013

Really haven't baptized anyone haha we had five baptismal dates for this week and every single one fell through.. it hurts really bad and sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong. But I also know that Father in heaven is forming the person that I will be for eternity and there must be something I need to learn from these brief and momentary roadblocks.I have also, noticed that the investigatores that have the spirit in their homes and really a different countenance and are more happy are those that are reading the book of mormon and praying with there children. :) We had a great week besides the baptisms that fell through we taught more than 55 lessons this week and have 33 new investigators. The stressful thing is finding members to visit with us and finding new people and following up on the3 commitments of investigators and doing it all in spanish ha I speak well but sometimes my head is fuzzy and doesn't have quite as many scriptures memorized in spanish to help me.

So don't worry about the camera then I will find one to buy :)
Also Elder Huanca got his package and me too and we really liked it he got so excited I think he even cried a little bit.  Wow so we did have a miracle with one contact tonight we had one minute to find a contact and were rounging the corner to go home but a door to a house was open we said hello to the woman inside and said we have a message for your family. She immediately let us in and said she had been waiting for somebody that night, but didn't know who it was and that her son and daughter need Christ in their lives and she wants us to keeping visiting with here family because she knows God sent us and we are the people she was waiting for.

 I love you and dad very much I also love my brother and sisters! and sleeping! But every time I close my eyes I swear it is the morning five minutes later haha! :) crazy Love you very much! Elder Bell

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