Monday, February 18, 2013

2/18/2013 -To Brittan and the team

Dad let the team know <i am praying for them! tell them to not focus on individual wrestlers but to stick to what they are good at and be confident! <i dream about basically two things...ok maybe three my family my investigators and wrestling almost everynight I love that sport and it is so much more than a competition it is a test and really what matters if you can step of the wrestling mat feeling like there was not one thing that you could have tried or one time that you hesitated to do what you are there to do, and what we wrestle for is to test our limits so I guess just tell everyone of them to relax and have fun and realize they will remember very clearly the experiences that are happening for a very long time. This part is for brittan so have him read ittell him that it is time for him to let go of anything that happened to him and go get what he deserves at state also tell him to pray and read the scriptures the night before out loud to himself especially if he is nervous read dand c 122 and also psalms 118:24 I love you Brittan I know that this wek is a big week but I also know that you are basically in the spot a was in as a freshman which is the most memorable year of my wrestle life state your freshman year is so fun you have no pressure so don`t let anyone make you feel like you do be an example for the team and have good sportsmanship and stay composed also i can give you the point of view of the ranked wrestlers in your weight i havebeen the top seed in the state and was overconfident and got upset and I have been the two seed and I was timid , but wow basically right now you are the fourth seed at your part in the bracket just turn it lose and wrestle you way brother have so much fun and not matter what start ever match with a clean slate like it is your first match of the tournament and you are fresh for every match. I love you so much I have been where you are and trust me you will look back on this as the funnest thing you have ever done. Tear it up boys! Elder, Bell

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