Monday, February 11, 2013

January 11, 2013 - 1st Transfer

So transfers....I am going to the country! like where they farm and everything here it is almost as far east as our mission goes the name of my new zone is La Romana and my new comp will be Elder Bullen. All I know about him is that he is from the U.S. I think he has about a year in the mission.. somethin that kind of is hard for me is I am leaving two families with baptismal dates that have gone to church and three other people. My companion and I really thought we were just going to stay together because we are doning so well , but I am out of here! After we got the call for transfers me and Elder Huanca just sat there and stared at each other for a good half an hour. caught us by surprise because the mission president had sent cards to all the trainers I guess to ask if the missionary they were training is preapared to train and Elder Huanca put yes. I guess he was almost certain I was gonna train and they call the new trainer before five a clock sunday and they didn't call us. But they called us at ten a clock at night and told me my tranfer. Wow. I am really going to miss our investigators they are like a second family and I love seeing the changes in their lives and in their countenances. My spanish is pretty good now my comp tells me I speak better than Elders that have been here a year.. I love you mom thank you for emailing me I am always praying for you all tell my bro and sisters I love them! Love, Elder Bell

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