Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

The Miami adress works very well and the dear elders but I am lucky if they bring me the mail out here we actually have to just pick up our mail every time we go to the capital that is two hours plus away from here so I take longer to send mail now.
So today for pday we played soccer in a big stadiumand i got sun burnt for the first time and i am very out of shape haha i ran so much and now i am just dead.
So the bishop in this ward in a beast he is so focused on getting us references but the goal for baptisms this year is a little crazy i hope i can stay here and be part of completing it.It is 69 baptisms this year... kinda loco but we had six investigators come to church that we found this week so that is good.
Oh and the monday before I had to leave for my transfer was terible I got my first migrane in the missionfield and it was bad but my comp gave me a blessing which made me cry i didnt know why I was crying though because the crying caused me to throw up I slept for an hour5 and then I was completely fine.
My area is huge got to be at least 200 miles of area that it covers dont laugh if that sounds way off I am just guessing. Also it is weird that you brought my window being opened up and I am sure you thought of that for the same reason I did yesterday but I was reading about lorenzo snow and recognizing times where promptings of the spirit helped me and that experience came to my mind.

More about my area so it is la romana my comp has a year and a half and  Ispeak spansih better than him I think he know more vocab but he talks with a weird accent and wont talk spanish with me in the house I am hoping that doesnt slow down my learning too much. I bought a sweet camera for like 70 dollars last week just got to buy a charger for the battery.whooo so running out of things to say it is hard to think sometimes but I am working on some letters for you guys love you so much! HFave a great week! Love Elder Bell

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