Monday, September 30, 2013


I have had a hectic week it has been very hot. Our bike gets a flat tire we have to pump up every mile. I also kind of got the flu a little and amoebas in my stomach :), I think my body is winning now, but I think my companion and I will be going to the doctor tomorrow because we both have it and it hits me at night so I have had a hard time sleeping. However I have still been very happy I just want to help people and be better I know I have a lot to work on and I am glad I get put in places where I can see things happen right in front of me that make me realize what is really importantly and what changes I can make in my life to really be a happier person and help those who I love have peace and feel good.

 I found out that my flight to the Dr is going to be on the 5th of December I am excited to go back there, but this experience has really changed my life and I feel so blessed to have been able to come to these Islands

.I am so excited for General conference it is such a great time to reflect on what the Lord wants to tell me personally and we have had struggles getting people to come to church so we have a whole lot of focus on getting those people to at least go to General Conference.

 So, in my christmas package there are two things that I know that I want, cambell's bean and bacon soup and a new belt, both of my are pretty dead. I would also like to ask how much money is on my Debit card? and please get on facebook and accept friend requests if I have any from people out here.

How are grandparent's Allens? and Bells? miss them. Tell Justin Allen congratulations and keep me updated if any of my other brothers get married holy cow ha.

So many investigators right now are afraid to go to a church they think they will be obligated to do things or questioned or judged or that it will be boring and the people will be too serious. It is very frustrating especially since this Branch needs new members more than any of the other ones I have been in since this area got re opend six months ago there have been no baptisms and before that there had not been any for two years. there was a man ready to be baptized the second week I got here and he left to go to venezuela. A little bit hard, but what can we do.

I am so happy for all of you love you all and you are all always in my thoughts I can work harder just because I know you are praying for me. Love, Elder Bell

Monday, September 23, 2013


 Aruba is very very hot we are now in the hottest time of the year and I am in a huge area with bikes that don't really work. I prefer walking to be honest.

 I speak all three languages, but English is the language of the San Nicolas branch. Right now we are teaching an awesome Jamaican family the father is  very receptive.

 I am so happy to here about sports and mom's job going well. I am grateful for you to and the love you have for each other .Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them.

 This week we did  a lot but not a whole lot of big and exciting news besides that the Aruban elections for government are this week and all they do is make huge parades that stretch the distance of the Island and party for weeks. I am getting lots of cool free stuff though. .I go with my comp evey morning to this nice indoor soccer field and we play. That is probably one of my favorite things we do lately.The food is good here, but we don't have many members to go eat with so we get meals about twice a week.

I have district meetings every Thursday through skype, I have been to one zone conference and that was before I left the DR. I think I have seen my pres twice, however he is coming to Aruba soon so I will see him then too.

That is awesome that Baylin is going to homecoming with Stihl love that kid. I am so happy to hear about all of your successes . I love you all and can't wait to hear from you next week.

 Love. Elder Bell

Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/2013 ARUBA

 I am  saddend to hear about Matt Johnson's mother . My heart goes out to him.

 Things that happen in our lives, like these, at least give us an opportunity to understand the atonement and I know we all love those that are struggling very much and I know Christ loves them even more.

 I am grateful for you and dad and that even though everything is not always perfect that you have been an example of how to forgive and show love one for another.

 The good news I have is that I love my companion and have never felt so comfortable with any of my companions before and we are working hard to help get this area going.  It was not reopened until this year and it has its sturggles and needs. Not an easy places to be right now , but I am here for a reason and I plan on learning from it and growing.

Please let Mandy know that she has been one of the biggest supports for me as a missionary and I have received so much help from her and I know that her prayers have blessed me. She is one of the best examples in my life.

 I love you very much mom. I hope you know that.

 If I haven't told you yet, the house I live in now is the nicest house in our entire mission, so clean brand new with new beds. I have never slept so well in my life. My companion was born in Argentina and  his family now lives in California we get along great. He likes wrestling and learning about it because he plans on going into the navy seals after his mission so I am going to teach him wrestling and he is going to teach me how to dance to latin music haha ;)

 Love you mom have a great week tell dad I love him! Elder Bell


Sept. 16, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1st Day in Aruba 09102013

Haha so yesterday I got delayed in the airport for six hours so that is why you didn't get an email from me. I am in orangestad right. now.       I am pretty excited to get  bi kes again. My feet are killing me right now I got some HUGe blisters yesterday playing basketball. My new companion was born in Argentina , however he lives in California his name is Elder Villareal. That is so amazing of Uncle Leonard to do that thank him for me please send my love. Right now I feel very at home Elder Thornock is here and Elder Villareal is awesome too I am excited to see what we will do. Our P- Day got moved to today because  there wasn't really time to do anything yesterday. His family is really supportive so don't worry about that Aruba has really clean water and it has taco bell so don't worry about food or anything either   None  of   my areas have really been that bad with those things and in these Islands I will never have a problem.                      
 I am so happy to hear that my brother and sisters are exceling at what they do and that they are happy.    ............             There Is  a    huge       focus   out here getting members to do family home evenings and invite friends and have an enviorment where they can meet the missionaries and not feel awkward
.I am going to be here in Aruba for three months and then I most likely go back to the DR. Well not much more than that for now. Love you all tons. , Elder Bell

Monday, September 2, 2013

Personal Radiation - David O. McKay


The can of nuts:(


This is the picture at the end of the story of how I drop an entire full
can of mixed nots that I was very excited to eat. I had never had this
treat all to myself before and I needed a snack for the  next sunday. So I
bought these and my companion, when we got home, saw a cockroache in the
shower...he is very very terrified at the sight of cockroaches. so he asked
me to go kill it when I we to kill it I brought my nuts and was eating
them.. that was a mistake, because as I tried to kill the bug I spilled
the entire full can all over the nasty bathroom floor the end :) the
saddest part is I didn't even get to eat one macademia nut...



I am glad everything is going so well I am getting ready to go to Aruba next Monday. Same feeling as usually really don't want to leave this area I wish I had more time to work with members and help the branch.

So last sundy I sang the worst I ever have in my life, but at least my companion had to do it with me..We sang a song from the hymn book I had never heard before and didn't get to practice it because we were told only five minutes before the meeting.

The Baptism was awesome on Saturday Je-liaen bore an awesome testimony about how she was struggling to know if she should get baptized so she prayed about it three different times and all three times she got her answer and was so excited to tell us after she did. The coolest thing about it all is this branch needed her dad and now he is completely active and he is the new seminary teacher for the young men and women in his area on the island and he is way excited for that calling. The young men and women are getting ready fora trip to the temple in the DR in October and her and her father will both be going :).

I am so happy to hear all about the great things going on in our family and to hear that grandma and grandpa Bell are doing well :). I am very grateful for my mission. I love it. It has helped me realize how much I love all of you too. Right now my only family  is right here with me is the branch. I think that might be why It is so hard for me to see their struggles and needs and then not feel like I am capable of really helping with those things. I am here to be the best example I can and then invite everyone to do everything they can to build the Lord's kingdom. Invite others and always try to see the good  in them see what they can become and understand that God has a purpose for each and everyone of us not just in this life, but also in his church and we have to choose whether we accept it or not. I am glad that being a missionary is helping me know how I should involve myself with the church and be proactive instead of reactive in my callings and I hope I can always remember these experiences.

 Love you, Elder Bell