Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1st Day in Aruba 09102013

Haha so yesterday I got delayed in the airport for six hours so that is why you didn't get an email from me. I am in orangestad right. now.       I am pretty excited to get  bi kes again. My feet are killing me right now I got some HUGe blisters yesterday playing basketball. My new companion was born in Argentina , however he lives in California his name is Elder Villareal. That is so amazing of Uncle Leonard to do that thank him for me please send my love. Right now I feel very at home Elder Thornock is here and Elder Villareal is awesome too I am excited to see what we will do. Our P- Day got moved to today because  there wasn't really time to do anything yesterday. His family is really supportive so don't worry about that Aruba has really clean water and it has taco bell so don't worry about food or anything either   None  of   my areas have really been that bad with those things and in these Islands I will never have a problem.                      
 I am so happy to hear that my brother and sisters are exceling at what they do and that they are happy.    ............             There Is  a    huge       focus   out here getting members to do family home evenings and invite friends and have an enviorment where they can meet the missionaries and not feel awkward
.I am going to be here in Aruba for three months and then I most likely go back to the DR. Well not much more than that for now. Love you all tons. , Elder Bell

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