Monday, September 2, 2013


I am glad everything is going so well I am getting ready to go to Aruba next Monday. Same feeling as usually really don't want to leave this area I wish I had more time to work with members and help the branch.

So last sundy I sang the worst I ever have in my life, but at least my companion had to do it with me..We sang a song from the hymn book I had never heard before and didn't get to practice it because we were told only five minutes before the meeting.

The Baptism was awesome on Saturday Je-liaen bore an awesome testimony about how she was struggling to know if she should get baptized so she prayed about it three different times and all three times she got her answer and was so excited to tell us after she did. The coolest thing about it all is this branch needed her dad and now he is completely active and he is the new seminary teacher for the young men and women in his area on the island and he is way excited for that calling. The young men and women are getting ready fora trip to the temple in the DR in October and her and her father will both be going :).

I am so happy to hear all about the great things going on in our family and to hear that grandma and grandpa Bell are doing well :). I am very grateful for my mission. I love it. It has helped me realize how much I love all of you too. Right now my only family  is right here with me is the branch. I think that might be why It is so hard for me to see their struggles and needs and then not feel like I am capable of really helping with those things. I am here to be the best example I can and then invite everyone to do everything they can to build the Lord's kingdom. Invite others and always try to see the good  in them see what they can become and understand that God has a purpose for each and everyone of us not just in this life, but also in his church and we have to choose whether we accept it or not. I am glad that being a missionary is helping me know how I should involve myself with the church and be proactive instead of reactive in my callings and I hope I can always remember these experiences.

 Love you, Elder Bell

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