Monday, August 26, 2013


This weekend we have a Baptism! It is the reactivated father baptizing his eighteen year old daughter and wow is she excited. After she pased her interview on skype she came running down the hall smiling and screaming things in Papiamento.
Right now I think I am doing the best I have ever done personally so far at staying diligent and being happy while I serve. Something interesting that might be happening is that a branch in Aruba is having alot of problems and I wasn't supposed to go there. I was supposed to go to the branch with the new chapel and tons of members, buuttt my district leader told president that I need to go to the branch that needs help so I am kind of going to Aruba, but it is more like Jamaica supposedly and I no longer get a car and I bet I have to buy a bike because the old missionaries bought a huffy and a mongoose after the other good bikes got stolen because they were a week from leaving the area already..but I am excited to go somewhere where I can work hard and will have an awesome companion!
Today was awesome we climbed a huge mountain and I got some really cool pics I am going to send them next Monday
.Last sunday we had Nine investigators at church for branch council and I have never had that many go so that was exciting too. I think it is a little weird but I want to go back to the DR it is like I feel homesick to be there. I will be really excited to see all the other missionaries again and go to the temple specifically.
Some crazy changes are happening with our areas down here branches getting split and sister missionaries probably getting sent soon. They must not know what to do with all the new sister missionaries because we have forty now and used to have ten. Also, the mission used to be 85% american missionaries and now it flipped it is 85% latinos. So out of 250 missionaries about fourty are american and most of them are sisters I think. Pretty crazy. well besides that I don't really have much to say, but I love you! have a wonderful week!

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