Monday, August 19, 2013

08192013 11 Months in the Mission Field

Hey :) This week went well, but lots of random stuff happened my companion got a speeding ticket we got a bad flat tire and the spare had a hole in it...yeahhhh so Sunday we walked more than I have ever to go to appointments. Our area is really big ha good news is early this morning we got two new tires and that is why there is no more money on my card. Don't worry though eventually I will be rembursed. I am really sorry that my english is so bad I can't really spell anymore.
We also had a really awesome experience with a lady from colombia and her daughter. They are both very busy and we have to meet in random places alot, but we finally got to go to her daughter's house yesterday and the lesson was really good her friend from colombia was with us and was able to talk through skype and you can totally see the trust Estela and Hilary have in him because of the example he gave as their neighbro their whole lives. If it were not for him there would be no possible way that they would be talking to us right now and they really recognize the spirit because of the things he has gradually shared with them his whole life.They are really special people I really believe they will join this church just a little while after I leave curacao :).
 Right now we are teaching a preach my gospel class in the branch and it seems to be helping us to ffind new people to teach and use our time wisely. I am very grateful for  that class it has really helpd me to learn about how to fulfill with my calling in a better way and I feel the spirit as others share the experiences int their lives that strengthen my testimony.
 My companion is elder Montgomery from Texas  we get along well and work hard together.  we have plenty of water to drink it is really clean too so don't even worry about that. I have had alot of success with sharing my favorite picture of you all standing in front of the St. George temple and explaining why I love it so much. People recognize the importance of the temple right when they see it the spirit really touches them that it is the house of the lord that has really helped me with my testimony of the truthfulness of this church. Our house has airco in our bedroom but I don't even like it it makes me too cold in the night really weird that I am saiying that, but it is true I don't like being cold in the caribbean. Here we have a church building and right now they are getting ready to put it under construction so that is cool . It definately is not a normal chapel though it is very different. I get to exercise when I have the motivation to go right outside our house and think of anything and everything that I can do on our little pation because my comp. just likes playing basketball in the morning.Sadly the ball is flat now and we have no pump because the other missionaries broke it. funny thing is I am kind of good at basketball now and I have no clue when that happened but none of my companions have beat me haha ;). Today I finally found a place to do pull ups here and I did burpee push ups I did 50 pullups and 100 burpees and thought I was going to die haha I am really missing having a wrestling room to work out in . Everything is great here I will go to Aruba in three weeks. Just like always I don't want to go there but you cant't stay longer than three months on any island sooooo that's how it is.
 I love you very much.. Love you all, Elder Bell

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