Monday, August 5, 2013


Welllll this week has been a blast. I really enjoy being with Elder Montgomery. We get along really well and we work hard. Right now I am really stressed out because we have five people preparing to be baptized and I am hoping I can see that since I have already been teaching them for a while.They are really amazing people and I hope I can do what I need to to help them.
This week not a whole lot happened besides having to search for my letters from all of you that an Elder coming from the DR was supposed to bring , but he got lost and had some complications that stopped him. Don't worry though we still got them from some guy that knew the Elders before and had our number so he took the packages and gave them to us. 
Days start getting really fast when your second transfer starts in an area especially when you have a lot of work to do. I wish I had more time to be here.This branch is really progressing with tons of people starting to come back to church. One person in particular really stands out to me. His name is Javier and he has been a member for a long time. He even served a mission in Venezuela and his daughter who isn't a member invited him back to church through an activity . He decided to go to church once so he wouldn't be embarrased at the activity and when he went he had an interview with his daughter and the branch president. His daughter expressed her deisire to be baptized and he agreed to letting us come to teach her. When we went to there house he seemed really nervous, but as we shared the first vision you could seem the hope and faith he had as a missionary come back to him. He then bore a testimony that was very powerful and told us he had forgotten his testimony and he wish he would have never left the church and he doesn't plan on ever leaving again and he is now preparing to baptize his daughter on the 31st of August! It is always a more spiritual enviroment when we teach in part member families and help them realize what they want for eternity.
 That is mostly is for now I plan on sending pictures next week just so you know. I love you all very much you are in my prayers and thoughts often. Love, Brennan

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