Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I wish I could have gone to that reception that would have been so cool!  (James Esplin) I am excited to hear about your calling that really will be awesome. I think those callings are the most important ones in the church I feel like in my home and in primary classes it where I gained the majority of my testimony. I like the looks of Brea's cake, but I have got to ask.. What is it? haha
 This week was interesting we were told to try and change our apartment and the landlord flipped and was threatening us with lawsuits and and saying it violates some contract I have never even seen and he has no signature on it. Then later that sunday evening our microwave lit on fire so I got to live my five year old dream and put it out with a pot of water... after I had already unplugged it don't worry haha. I finally weighed over 170 last week but I got it back to 165 again ha I don't feel any bigger so I don't get how I weigh so much. Last Monday the car battery died and wouldn't jump start and no one from the branch came to help us so we got home at 11 at night which is really late for us and the best part is I got to ride in a tow truck :).Ugh the last two sets of elders on this Island didn't service the car so I get the priviledge of doing it the beginning of nest trasfer on P-day!wooo hoooo....This week was a little unique I guess you could say. Whats cool is after hard days and weeks I have always been blessed with awesome new people to teach and be friends with. We have this awesome 21 year old young man named Omar that is so awesome he has been struggling to believe in God and once he read about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith's situation he lost all doubts and really described how powerfully he feels theSpirit when he Reads it and asks us questions. I really lke how cool he is about it all and honest too it makes it so much fun to visit him and really just be his friend. I have really been thinking about how cool it is going to be to come home and share my experiences with you in a little while. Time goes so fast when I just get lost in the work.
 And mom...what do you mean the salmon only had a few bones...? you trying to be euphimistic? haha. I found out today that the beginning of next transfer I will be elder Montgomery's comp again so that is cool even though I really like having new companions all the time. Mom and dad what size of shirts do you wear? And just to let you know I solved the debit card thing so don't worry about that they have it cleared for all these islands. I can't think of a whole lot of new things now. I love you all so much have a great week!

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