Monday, July 15, 2013


Mommyyyyyy! How is everything today?! I cleaned up a huge mess today in our apartment I found tons of maggots eating something rotten and it smelled horrible and also  my companion has had tons of problems with his skin and now he has bed bugs :\ very miserable for him but he keeps working hard it is awesome.
 Lets see this last week we said goodbye to Jasmine as she left to Holland and I accidentally ate ice cream that had alcohol in it.. which stinks because I never broke the word of wisdom until my mission.. I am such a tig  ha. We are starting to teach a venezuelan family and they havve a dog that looks like emmy it is really weird.
This week I noticed something really funny in elders quorum meeting abnd me and my companion coud not stop laughing for the longest time. Well I hope you guys understand what I am saying. There are these two Older high priests that we noticed are part of a pattern in every ward they are the two old smart ones that make jokes that only they get and they sit there and giggle and act like little kids as they joke with each other and then I realized it makes me feel like I am at home bcause there are usually two older men like that in every single ward in the church. At least the ones I have been in and elder Irizarry too because he could not stop laughing after I told him.
 Something else that has been concerning us is that  we have three women who are ready for baptism and come every single week , but there husbands will not give consent which is so frusrtating for them. One of them bore a testimony about the church in the investigator class and when she finished there was not a single person the wasn't crying. She shared the desires of her heart in that testimony and it was true and she said she will endure until the end of her life and you could feel that she really meant what she was saying.
 One more cool thing we came to a less active woman's house for an appointment with her the other night and no one was there, but a nineteen year old boy was sitting there watching a movie and he was either ignoring us or really really into the movie. Well, we decided he needed to acknowledge us at least so we said hey you on the couch! and he immediately came to the door and seemed excited to meet with us he then asked us some awesome questions about the Plan of Salvation and he said he felt like something about what we were saying was putting a broken puzzle together that he has had in his head all of his life and he also said he wants to be baptized. I am really hoping he will remember those feelings he has had because I have the same kind of thing happen before and people lose their fire if they don't act upon what the Holy ghost has told them. That has happened to me many times in my life as I ponder upon the things I have felt, heard, said... but what have I actually done? and acted upon/ I invite you all to think and pray about that too I am praying about it and recognizing that I am becoming more converted, even though it can be very hard.
I love you a ton have a great week!

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