Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey!!!! So this week has been pretty good we went on splits yesterday and I went out with the elders quorum President. He can be really stubborn and only really wanted to visit less active members which is good because that is the focus for missionary work in the islands right now, but what was really cool was seeing him get excited when we had opportunities to make contacts when we couldn't find the members. He was quiet at first but got really pumped to teach investigators that we found together and the hearts of those people were very open because of him being there as a witness of how the gospel has changed his life and he would talk about what the young missionaries of our church really do.
 Jasmine our last baptism had a little slip up with the word of wisdom which was really scary for her sister and us, and she totally held strong after she slipped up and met with president and is doing a whole lot beter now she goes back to Holland this thursday though so that is kind of sad to have to say goodbye to her.
Someone new that we have been teaching is so amazing his name is Rudolph and he is from here about 53 years old and really has a lot of desire to make changes in his life. He works  as a guard at the prison her and always has some really crazy stories for us ha. This sunday he had the night shift before church so he stayed up all night and went from work to church without even taking the time to eat or sleep and when he got here he realized he still had his firearm on he said this to Elder Irizarry and was kind of nervous because  I guess he has rules that he has to have it with him at all times. So he was worried we wouldn't let him in elder Irazarry said as long as it didn't go off it will be ok.. but hopefully he won't bring it next time ha. He is now fighting on leaving behing smoking and had a miracle last week he said he lit five cigarettes in a row and they were all bad and made him cough and he couldn't take it so he even tried switchin brands and all the cigarettes he lit he couldn't smoke either. Really cool to see him act upon his desires to be baptized probably one of the most dedicated people I have met yet and I know if he really wants to change God will help him do what he wants to do.
What else...oh yeah for my Birthday I was thinking maybe I will just go get a check up at the Dentist's in Aruba when I get there and use my debit card I just need you make sure I don't flag it so can you help me out with what I need to do with that please? :) I am so grateful that Shane and Kris did that for me I really appreciate that and I know it has really help you and dad relieve some stress! I will pray about the house you are renting out. hmmmmmmmm hwat else.. yeah I wrote down a bit in the letters I am going to scan and send to each one of you so I will leave it at that for now love you a bunch!

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