Monday, July 1, 2013


Next time I am going to send messages to people individually, I didn't get time to today because we just had a problem that ate up our time. We ordered pizza and realized we had no money with us and went to three ATMS that weren't working.
 This past week has been good we have had some really good contacts that we kind of got just from talking to people so that was cool and they are all pretty excited to visit the church. I got to confirm Jasmine Yesterday that was the first confirmation I have ever done and it was a very cool experience.
Today we went to the national park and saw some really cool blow holes and I kind of got in the ocean because a wave snuck up on me in a cave....ha this Branch is really cool they speak tons of papiamentu and I really feel like I am getting pretty good at it. I speak it before spanish isn't a very expressful language though so Spanish is better communication.
 Brittan turned into a tank top kid huh ;) haha I am glad to hear the wrestling camp went so well and to hear that bay and brea are enjoying softball. Actually the ocean can get a little old if you look at it every day , but you can't get in or whenever you ride by it on bikes in church cltohes too haha
 I love you all so much I finally got all your handwritten letters done so now I just have to send them. I wish I could be there in  St. George beating Brittan and Dad at wrestling matches in the pool...... I love you alll have a wonderful week! :)

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