Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/2013 ARUBA

 I am  saddend to hear about Matt Johnson's mother . My heart goes out to him.

 Things that happen in our lives, like these, at least give us an opportunity to understand the atonement and I know we all love those that are struggling very much and I know Christ loves them even more.

 I am grateful for you and dad and that even though everything is not always perfect that you have been an example of how to forgive and show love one for another.

 The good news I have is that I love my companion and have never felt so comfortable with any of my companions before and we are working hard to help get this area going.  It was not reopened until this year and it has its sturggles and needs. Not an easy places to be right now , but I am here for a reason and I plan on learning from it and growing.

Please let Mandy know that she has been one of the biggest supports for me as a missionary and I have received so much help from her and I know that her prayers have blessed me. She is one of the best examples in my life.

 I love you very much mom. I hope you know that.

 If I haven't told you yet, the house I live in now is the nicest house in our entire mission, so clean brand new with new beds. I have never slept so well in my life. My companion was born in Argentina and  his family now lives in California we get along great. He likes wrestling and learning about it because he plans on going into the navy seals after his mission so I am going to teach him wrestling and he is going to teach me how to dance to latin music haha ;)

 Love you mom have a great week tell dad I love him! Elder Bell


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