Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

How are you teaching emmie to do that?  (I told him I am teaching Emmie to say I Love You)  haha sounds interesting.. yeah don\'t even worry I looked for brittan"s email first I have been anxious this weekend to see how he did and sounds like he didnt disappoint! I am very excited for him

So this week has been really good really we are working very hard but I am having a hard time finding a flow with my comp and sometimes i feel like he is grumpy but that might be3 cuz he doesnt talk much. Something I have noticed is he has 18 months and I dont think he likes that I can speak spanish better than him and the thing is we arent supposed to compare ourselves to other missionaries so it kinda bugs me that it bugs him. I feel like my spanish isnt progressing because he doesnt like to speak it with me ha but i take an hour after lunch to read out loud and study in spanish so I dont lose it. Even though it would be nice to sleep.. we dont really have any baptismal dates right now but we are planning on putting a bunch  because we did work last week. the main problem here is that people dont get married they do something called free union which is basically just moving in kind of frustrating it really stops the progress of lots of investigators.

I got the package :) but havent had time to practice piano.. it was really awesome this week that our ward members gave us around ten references that is always nice to have ward suppot i appreciate it alot i am feeling kind of frustrated that i havent been able to write letters to you guys i dont know what is going on time just starts flying by and i have a hard time fitting my studying and exercise and letter writing in. I am hoping i can at least send a few pics here though in the next few weeks.

Oh it really made me mad yesterday a member told us that one of our references would never progress and said that he doubted that she even wanted to talk to us. That is the opposite of faith and we have to have3 faith that people can change or they wont. he even tried to argue with me when i said she needs support and we should try not to think negative because that is the oppostie of faith i just had to walk away after that because i started to feel all gross inside. tomorrow i am going to try to make habichuelas con dulce ha should be interesting i make weird food down here  but usually just make rice and boil some bagged beans and try to thing of different ways to flavor them..

A chapter in d and c that i have really liked lately is 42 when it talks about that we cant teach without the spirit because really we teach to invite others and ourselves to change and we cant change without the holy ghost. I think you should read recognizing the spirit and some of the scriptures in preach my gospel as a family love you mom have a fun week at state :) Elder Bell

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