Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

So we didn't have baptisms.  We have five people with dates to be baptized, but the baptisms we wanted to have last week are still struggling with the law of chastity... on the bright side they all go to church pretty consistently and we can visibly see the changes taking place in the investigators that actually are praying and reading scriptures.

 Also, something interesting that is going on is that her son that is eight we are pretty sure needs psychiatric help he really is hyperactive and punches me and elder hunca during the prayer and pinched me until I was bleeding during the prayer, but he prayer like an angel and always smile when we come and hugs us. The thing is he doesn't know how to show love for people because of how he was raised and he has never had a father just a tough situation.

 I got brittan's dear elders and just about cried. I am so jealous of him that he gets to be wrestling ha and I want to be there supportin him I saw a tiny bit of film from his preston match. Make sure he knows that he can't cross his arms to opposite sides of his body when he stands up or he will get two on oned and also he should work on keeping his butt low on his stand ups and NEVER REACH BACK! hahaha I love him to bits and I know he has the athletic tools to be way better than I ever was but he has got to work on his basic in the cage keeping low and tight like dad always taught me. Tell him to keep writing me his letters keep me uplifted and happy and it feels good to be remebered by my best friend he is looking like he is in great shape too and the singlets this year are sweet! lucky...

I have less than two weeks with Elder Huanca I hope you sent that package haha and also he loves getting letters it gets him pumped so that was a great Idea :) How is your job mom? and how is dad? tell him he can send me a little more that a minute clip like at least one match completely ha :) and I think cassidy wants to see some of my matches if that is even possible ask dad if he can figure that out I love you all so much and will do my best to keep updating you all I geta new companion in two weeks, but not sure If I will get transferred or not love you all!

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