Monday, January 14, 2013

Gosh dang I miss wrestling and miss you as my coach is 160 a little weaker or what? usually mcfarlene isn't consistent like that... So brenn is in wyoming now then? and higbee is varsity?

haha weird, but we are having our first baptism on the ninteenth pretty cool!

 I miss you all so much , but it is getting a little easier the more I get caught up in the Lord's work email days can sometimes be really hard for me because I wish I could be there watching my brother and sisters,

 I really am getting more used to it here , but the transition from thinking in spanish to english sometimes makes my head a little fuzzy ha because my brain gets confused whether it should think in spanish or english. I Love you dad you are my hero and appreciate all the amazing  things you have done for me! Love Elder Bell

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