Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

The baptism was awesome even though I had to do it twice because I forgot to say "Yo" or I. I really think that Tony is going to be a leader in the church a great leader he has so much spiritual knowledge it is crazy.

 Have you and dad got my letters to you yet? It is extremely important to me thatI involve my family in my mission and I am trying my very best!

 I find that my favortie parte of my testimony Is that Jesus Christ is part of my family and died so that I could be with my family for eternity in the kingdom of the rulness of the glory of God. We were in a stake conference yesterday and I was thinking about the words that Elder Russell M. Ballard was saying via satelite and I had an interesting thought come to my mind something like: " It is our own human nature and weakness to find a way to finish things quickly to avoid work and rest we want to avoid putting all our effort in every moment. But when we actually exert ourselves and energy to be better and learn our obedience and will to try enables us to becomes something better and God blesses us when we put off our natural habits to be or do something better.

I love you very very much I think we will be havin a baptism of a mother and her son in two weeks from now and I will send you more details about her in a letter this week :) Love you bunches! ,Elder Bell

yes! pero no envies mucho hah no quieroo destraerme demaciado realmente yo despertarme pensando de investigadors, mis padres y hermanos por favor diga a brittan que etoy orando cada dia que pueda tener el exito que el queire en su vida y igualmente con baylin brea mama y udsted. Realmanete es mas facil para mi a escribirle en espanol espero que no le moleste que quiero hablarle en espanol envie mis saludos a nuestra familia magnifica espero que udstedes no me olviden! le quiero papa much mas que pueda imaginar!

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