Wednesday, January 2, 2013

JAN 2, 2013

Haha so his name is Elder Huanca not juanca :), but anyways yeah new years is a big deal lots of drinking in the streets and everything we had to be in our house by seven thirty like on christmas eve.

I really like making pancakes.. that might sound a little random, but I just had to say it before I forgot.

We had some really good new investigators that we met and gave out fifteen wrapped books of on the first. And I feel like it went really well. I guess the area I am in has a lot of rich people which makes it hard to contact, but I really feel like it isn't that hard to talk with the people here. The other day we ran in to two people thay only wanted to contend and one only wanted to talk about how "The ancient Mayans have more power than Joseph Smith" that was pretty funny. Also we ran into a couple people that really only wanted to talk about how the United States is creating a monster in society and corrupting all the other countries:) ha awkard for me I just chose to not say anything except that it is true that people are choosing to let satan's power corrupt them which is sad..

 Something funny was that on the night of December 31st our neighbors in front of our house decided to have a karaoke dance party, and they have some really big amps for their stereos they sang and danced and drank from nine a clock at night until ten in the morning. and the noise literally shook our house at times ha.

My spanish must be pretty good becaue alot of people think I have been here for a year or more. Some more information that I may have forgot to share is that there is usually always some kind of little party going on in every street corner because there are convience stores called colmados that have loud stereos and lots of beer and food. The people are really kind here and usually love to talk with us and I taught an English class last Saturday that went pretty well.. four people came and they all seemed to enjoy it.

 I miss giving you a hug every night a little bit mom. Just to let you know, but things are getting easier and I am finding my routine. Our first investigator came to church this last Sunday her name is Yolanda and she was the last contact we had on Friday night, Something interesting is that our good lessons and the people that actually want to learn are almost always the last people we find at eight thirty at night. Heavenly Father has a purpose in this it isn't by accident that this happens it is always important to endure the whole day (or mission) with joy in my heart love you all miss your hugs and your voices, but at least we will always have eternity.

Love, Elder Bell

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