Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Ok so I don't really know what to write about except for this so I will try to explain it, but won't do it just. Yesterday was a day of miracles! we had six investigators come to church and this is kind of funny, but we found out one of them is a drug dealer so interesting. Before yesterday there were only two people that had ever come to visit with us. I think the reason we had so many is because we are trying and striving to make 15 contacts and set up appointments with each one every day and it is working! but usually we don't see any fruits of our labors until the end of the day or the last moment of sunday. Last night we were meeting with Tony Zapata who has a baptismal date in the 19th of this month. his niece randomly just came out( she is twelve years old) and said she was curious and so we kept teaching about the plan of salvation with both of them. something amazing happened. Tony knew every part and every detail of the plan of Salvation and he basically taught the entire lesson with a little bit of our help.. But, the cool thing is that before the lesson he has been wondering since he knows this is the true church. How is it fair that people die without hearing about the Gospel? he thought that we are usually reacarnated as a new person if we didn't get the chance, but was willing to listen , especially to the Holy Ghost, to what we were teaching. We had the opportunity to talk about the people waiting is spirit prison and then ordinances in the temple. Then he basically told us what baptisms for the dead is and that he can be baptized for his father who was a good man , but never heard the gospel in his lifetime. He is really excited to get baptized and get this. He has been praying his whole life specifically for a restored gospel like in the bible in acts 3:21 and he has been praying specifically that his niece would be the next person to be baptized so she could help his sister and bring exaltation to his family. My companion and I felt the spirit so strongly when she asked questions and she was really being inspired by the Holy Ghost because she was asking specific questions like why did heavenly father put a tree that would give them knowledge of good and evil and forbid them from takin the fruit then she asked about what happens when we die and lots of other questions, but each time she said something the spirit was there infuencing all of us. And tony bore a testimony at the end that everything he learned or knows comes directly from God through the Holy Ghost and he e knows this with only reading the bible praying and he has gone to church three times. I haven't met someone that wants salvationfor himself and his whole family so badly in my entire life! Also his niece sad so how long do I need to wait to be baptized then? Absolutley crazy and she is only twelve years old. this wa s the last a ppointment of the night after a day of people telling us to come back another time or not come back at all. The best things that are worth while are always seeming to come toward the end of the day and I know it is because Heavenly Father is testing my faith and then perfoming miracles in front of our eyes according to the work we put in. Love you all to peices! Love, Elder Bell


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  2. He's a great missionary Denise. I love to read his experiences that he shares. They're a strength to my testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and that missionaries are inspired young men worthy to share those truths! He's doing wonderful things for so many families through his service. Both in this life, and countless others in heaven who are waiting to be baptized as well.