Monday, January 14, 2013

January 13, 2013

Four more weeks with Elder Huanca. Mom I think you might need to send me a better camera when you get the time that recharges this one uses disposible battereis and doesn't hook up to the computer really..sorrymaybe I can find one to buy with my extra money here.

 Cassidy told me that lots of people my age are getting married, and that is really weird. I love brit to death so glad he is doing so well and I am glad bay chose to play softball I know she won't regret that.

I am jealous that you all have snow so I am going to do you a favor and do a sun dance for Idaho because it isn't fair that you have cold and I don't :)

We don't really teach sunday school classes we don't have time to prepare them the ward members prepare them though and I study Lorenzo Snow twice every week sometimes it is hard to study all the things I want I often find myself waking up earlier and going to bed later just so I can read the Liahonna and really study it memorize my scripture of the day andread the principals of the gospel of Christ for the class in sundays for investigators also I want to read the book of mormon in the next three months, but really study it and all in spanish so that takes alot of time. There just isn't enough time to do all I want and at times it almost overwhelms me, on the bright side at least now I can almost always think completely in spanish and understand almost every person here.. and that is good because there are a lot of accents and dialects and every other person here is from haiti and speak in a totally different way.

The time goes slow when I think of home so I try really hard to not think about anything , but the work while I am here my head needs to always be here and I don't want the time to feel like it is going so slow when It could feel like it is flying by. I think that might be a blessing that the Lord gives missionaries who focus in the work the time goes faster and the work is more enjoyable too.

 I love you very very very much and all the family too please tell the rest of our family that I love them :) Elder Bell. P.S. is you talk to brenn again tell him to email me when he gets time or the chance! love you!

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