Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Hi mom! how are you? so I just had a great experience reading my scriptures while waiting for a computer. I was reading in third nephi chapter eleven I think it was verse twenty two I dont remember for sure you can check. But what I like is that it says that Christ told his chosen prophet nephi that  he was leaving the authority to baptize with him so they could perform baptsims after he ascened to His father in Heaven again. Just kind of touched me to know more that this message is true because the apostles in Jerusalem and to mary that they couldnt touch him because he had not yet ascened to hi s father in heaven after he resurrected and that is why he would have to ascend again to his father because he went up and reaceived his glory and then he agian returned to the Earth to the american continent to see the Nephites who came for one by one in this very chapter and touched the scars on our saviours body.

I sent you each a letter this last week I hope you all like them. This week has been difficult for me but I am starting to feel better now my head was all over the place and it was  bugging me that I have a lot of zits but really that is silly and I cant let it affect me.

Sounds like Granma and Grandpa Bell had a crazy experience with that fire in there building.. kind of scary... also sorry about this but I accidentally erased your email after I  read ut so if you could get me those adresses again I would appreciate it also could you send me one of your favorite general conference adresses from last year in a Dear Elder... I left my spanish liahonna in my old area and only got to read it once with all the conference talks.

Something gross I just saw is a dog was following us in the street.. which is normal however it passed us and on the back of its head there was a piece of its skull missing and we could see its brain.

Tonight we have family home evening with the bishops family and we are gonna make aroz con leche! I am excited for that.

How are Grandma and Grandpa Allen tell them I love them!

what else... we have investigators that really should be baptized but one wont admit that he believes joseph smith was a prophet and we know he knows because he went to church every sunday and also has been going to almost every activity he reads the book of mormon and says it makes him feel good and knows it is of God too but he is afraid to leave his parents and sisters beliefs in the adventist church. and one sister whose name is Isabel that cant go to church because of her job but knows the church is right for her and also a couple that needs to get married. that is about all I have for this week but love you all!

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