Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Alright so things are going pretty well here! :) except no one went to church of our investigators today ... we have the zone leaders in our ward with us and they had a sweet weekend this last week two baptisms were scheduled and then a little girl that is ten that has been going to church for a year said her mom gave her permission to get baptized that day so they got a third one they didn't even know about before. We have been finding lots of new people but not lots of interest... people really hate walking to church here and usually just go to whatever church is closest to their houses. So that complicates things. We are really working hard with some less actives too but they struggle with drinking coffee and say they don't feel worthy to go to church for that which does now make any sense. I just keep looking for new people because I know there has got to be someone prepared here. Saturday we had two lessons that the spirit was there very strongly and at the end of the lesson the investigators just said I know it is true but I don't have time to go to church or to read scriptures or to pray...yeahhhhh lame One of the investigators in my old area should be getting baptized soon I am waiting on Elder Huanca to hear more about that.

 This area is basically all dust roads with more churches than there were in my last area so we are talking about one after every twenty houses they are always singing really uninspired and depressing music too. I have been reading through Alma chapter five a lot lately and also third nephi chapter 27 alot too.

 If you ever see Bradford can you get his email for me I wanted to congratulate him that is really exciting! Brenn has a girlfriend that he recently baptized? whoa ha that is pretty awesome too I miss him and justin hope they are doing well.

My comp keeps saying he thinks he is going to be the next zone leader...I don't even know how to talk to him about that it is just a little annoying. Baylin has a fractured ankle? how?

I have had a much better week I feel really good and have been able to exercise every day I think when I don\t exercise enough I don't function quite as well oh yeah when we went to the baptism we had eight investigators show up which was really awesome I was excited about that and hope we will get to talk to them more today. I don't have much more than that but love you! have a great week!


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